Project Summary

Niagara Parks will be investing over $3 million to replace the Black Creek Bridge along the South Niagara Parkway, with construction set to begin on Monday, November 20, 2023, through to Friday, April 26, 2024.

Niagara Parks will be working with contractor Rankin Construction to undertake the bridge replacement project that aims to conserve the heritage value of the bridge, while increasing the clearance height for boats and improving visibility and the overall safety of surrounding intersections.


Preliminary investigations and assessments at the site are currently underway, which will not impact public access. Construction is set to begin Monday, November 20, which will require a road closure of the Niagara Parkway at Black Creek Bridge until construction is completed in the spring of 2024.

Detour Route

Temporary detours around the work site will be established for the duration of the project (see map below). Local traffic will still have access to homes and businesses; however, no traffic will be permitted to cross Black Creek Bridge after November 20, 2023. All businesses remain open during construction.

Black Creek Bridge Replacement: Virtual Public Information Centre

The Black Creek Bridge, is a stone-faced bridge located along the Niagara Parkway in the Town of Fort Erie, and maintained by Niagara Parks. Niagara Parks held a virtual public information centre to present potential options for the replacement of the bridge, and provide opportunity for input and suggestions. The recorded information centre can be viewed in its entirety here.

Public Feedback Summary

Thorough review of the feedback collected, led to the following conclusions.

  1. The majority of residents would like to see the bridge raised in height
  2. The most commonly requested increase in height was 1.5 feet
  3. There is a sizable minority who would like to see the bridge remain the same height and have concerns around the impact of larger vessels on the creek & shoreline
  4. Maintaining the heritage features of the bridge and consideration for environmental impact are important issues to residents
  5. A number of residents have safety concerns surrounding various aspects of the project, notably the sight lines related to the intersection of Black Creek Rd. and the Niagara Parkway”

Questions? Please contact info@niagaraparks.com for more information