Queen Victoria Park Master Plan

Queen Victoria Park encompasses the series of pristine parks, natural attractions, iconic landmarks and restaurants along the Niagara Parkway from Oakes Garden Theatre to Kingsbridge Park, including the world-famous centrepiece – the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

Niagara Parks has initiated a concept Master Plan project to guide the ongoing management, programming and development of these lands to enhance the guest experience, reflecting the significant heritage, environmental and cultural features found within this popular tourism area.


The first people arrived in Niagara almost 12,000 years ago, just in time to witness the birth of the falls. Successions of early cultures left their mark, as settlements developed along the Niagara River corridor.

As early as 1789, early European settlers recognized the potential opportunities the power generated from the Niagara River could provide at the site of what is now Queen Victoria Park. Tourism travel to the Falls began in the 1820’s and within 50 years, had increased to become the area’s dominant industry. By 1840, the first railroad in Upper Canada had opened and horse-drawn carriages were routinely shuttling visitors throughout the parkland overlooking Niagara Falls.

At the turn of the 20th century, the power of the water had also attracted a unique combination of brilliant engineers and powerful investors to develop hydro-electric power generation within Queen Victoria Park. At the end of the first 100 years, Niagara Parks had become one of the world’s most popular destinations.


Bounded by iconic environmental features such as the steep Fallsview moraine, the Great Gorge and the Niagara River, Queen Victoria Park contains a high concentration of attractions, culinary offerings, heritage features and parkland. The area stretches from Oakes Garden Theatre to Kingsbridge Park, all along the Niagara Parkway and Niagara River Recreation Trail.

Documents & Resources

  • Presentation: Queen Victoria Park Master Plan
    Filename: 2018-06-26 QVP Concept Master Plan.pdf
    Last Modified: Jul 10, 2018

    This presentation is released for public comment, containing a draft concept master plan design for Queen Victoria Park. The presentation outlines the main strategies and provides draft concepts for key nodes within the study area, as well as visuals and maps.

    Download pdf
  • Backgrounder: Queen Victoria Park Master Plan
    Filename: Queen-Victoria-Park-Master-Plan-Backgrounder.pdf
    Last Modified: Jun 22, 2018

    The purpose of this concept Master Plan is to develop a set of structured guidelines for the ongoing development, programming and management of Niagara Parks lands within the core tourism area of Queen Victoria Park.

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The concept Master Plan is an opportunity to better understand how contemporary visitors connect with Niagara Parks, considering the development changes and challenges that have emerged since the 1990s, thereby enhancing the overall guest experience of this high-traffic tourism area. The concept Master Plan will consider vehicular traffic and parking issues, leading to recommendations for a broader transportation plan, as well as examining pedestrian circulation by looking at existing patterns, congestion, security and urban design character.

Next Steps

Niagara Parks will be initiating meetings with external stakeholder groups from June 25 to July 5. Additionally, Niagara Parks will be consulting Indigenous groups in the area for their input. Local residents are invited to submit their feedback at every stage of the project. Sign up below to receive updates on the Queen Victoria Park Master Plan project and for details regarding upcoming public information sessions and other key dates.

Who’s Listening?

Have your say and submit your feedback to the project team developing Niagara Parks’ Queen Victoria Park Master Plan. You can also fill out this survey to provide feedback on the concept master plan.

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