Old Fort Erie, Fort Erie

All Hallows’ Eve 2019

Experience a chilling historical ghost tour at Old Fort Erie, learn about the traditions of Halloween, and watch the Burning of Guy Fawkes!
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Join us October 19, 25 & 26 at Old Fort Erie, and experience Halloween traditions and stories as you tour the eerie grounds and barracks of Canada’s bloodiest battlefield by torch and candlelight while enjoying period-authentic hot drinks and snacks.

In addition to hearing the haunted tales of the fort, learn about the fascinating history of some of our most beloved Halloween traditions.



No Heads, No Hands

One of the most famous ghost stories in the long history of the old fort is the historically verified No Heads, No Hands. As the British began to invade the Fort and opened fire with their artillery, an American soldier witnessed a blood-curdling sight amongst the chaos of the invasion.

In the century since, visitors to the fort have claimed to witness two soldiers walking the grounds at night, one with no head and one with no hands.

Captain Kingsley’s Bed

Located in the Officers’ quarters, the bed of Captain Kingsley of the King’s 8th Regiment of Foot is the original artifact that he slept in while stationed at Old Fort Erie, he also died in it. Bedridden and suffering from a myriad of intense health problems, Captain Kingsley spent his final months suffering from vicious fevers, hallucinations and eventually mercury poisoning which had devastating effects on both his physical and mental health.

Due to his long and horrible death, many people believe that the Captain still haunts this room and the bed specifically. Staff and visitors have entered the room to find the sheets strewn about the bed, while some have reported hearing footsteps and seeing windows and doors move without being touched.

Burning of Guy Fawkes Effigy

Each night we wrap up the festivities with the burning of a Guy Fawkes Effigy.

This British custom dating back to hundreds of years, annually recognizes the unsuccessful plot by Guy Fawkes and his cohorts to bomb the British parliament. The burning of Guy Fawkes effigies on and around the 5th of November became common practice in the 1800’s as a class-based display of protest.

All Hallows' Eve Schedule & Ticket Ordering

Admission to All Hallows' Eve at Old Fort Erie includes entry to the fort, guided tour and Burning of Guy Fawkes finale. Adult admission is $15.00, children (6-12) $9.50.

Friday, October 25 - Buy Tickets 7:30PM 7:45PM 8:00PM
Saturday, October 26 - Buy Tickets 7:30PM 7:45PM 8:00PM

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