Floral Showhouse, Niagara Falls

The Annual Poinsettia Show

Celebrate the holiday season with Niagara’s iconic holiday show inside the Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse.
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Floral Showhouse Poinsettia Show

Celebrate the holiday season with Niagara’s Annual Poinsettia Show inside the Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse. This iconic show features traditional holiday landscapes with modern touches of brilliant colours and lights that make the warmth and magic of the holiday season come to life.

Step into the holiday season with this spectacular display of festive poinsettia’s highlighted by a beautiful assortment of cyclamens, amaryllis, orchids that perfectly capture Niagara’s holiday spirit.

Always in Bloom

The Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse is a lush oasis, just a short walk south from Niagara Falls and Table Rock Centre. Collections of orchids, succulents, and other tropical plant species are on display throughout the year, along with floral shows that reflect the changing seasons. With seven shows per year, something new is always in bloom.

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Red colour Poinsettia at the Poinsettia Show

How many poinsettias are featured in the show?

More than 1400 poinsettias and 1000 display plants are grown to create the Annual Poinsettia Show. These beautiful, festive plants are complemented by cyclamen, caladiums and orchids.

To keep the five-week show looking its best for all visitors, we reserve about 10% of our crops to refresh the display as needed.

Designing the show

The Floral Showhouse features seven unique shows each year. Designing the shows begins with a theme that is planned up to three years in advance. Once a theme is selected, our horticulture team connects the theme with plants and colours to tell a new story. The shows are modified and enhanced every year based on the feedback of our guests.

The Annual Poinsettia Show connects with Niagara’s unique culture and holds a traditional place during this festive time of year. This year’s theme features a rich array of colours with over 35 varieties of poinsettias accentuated by whimsical fresh floral trees.

Multiple colour Poinsettia decorated inside the Floral Showhouse for the Poinsettia Show
Multiple colour Poinsettia decorated at the Poinsettia Show

Caring for poinsettias

Poinsettias are tropical plants that enjoy adequate amounts of sunlight. They prefer medium rich, well-drained soils and don’t mind being pinched from time to time by our growers. These plants are sensitive to extreme low or high temperatures, which is why they perform so well inside our greenhouses where conditions are consistent.

The biggest challenge of growing poinsettias is ensuring they have sufficient daylight and nighttime hours. They are naturally short-day bloomers and set their flower buds only after daily sunlight has gone below eight hours a day, sometimes less. They need to be in complete darkness during the night; not even a flashlight can be set on them!

About 10 weeks prior to the show, the Niagara Parks horticulture team darkens the greenhouses to make sure the poinsettias are not disturbed by even the slightest amount of light.

Where do poinsettias come from?

Although poinsettias originate in Central America and Southern Mexico, they can also be found around the equator, in places like the Canary Islands. In such tropical regions, these colourful plants can grow as large as a tree!

The poinsettia was adopted in North America in the late 19th century, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that these plants became a holiday tradition among every household. Today, it is a celebrated plant and a symbol of good cheer and success.

A different view of the multiple colour Poinsettia decorated inside the Floral Showhouse for the Poinsettia Show
A different view of the multiple colour Poinsettia decorated inside the Floral Showhouse for the Poinsettia Show

What happens to the plants when the show is over?

Once their colours begin to fade and the bracts fall off the plants, our plant experts work to maintain the special varieties for the following year. They carefully cut back the stems just below the flowers.

Poinsettias can be grown indoors during the winter and transplanted outdoors in the summer. See if you can keep your poinsettia growing all year, then transplant it outside in the summer where it will enjoy the warm temperatures and all-day sunshine!

Outdoor illuminations

Visitors to the show are invited to also enjoy the surrounding outdoor grounds, including the Artist Garden featuring dozens of illumination displays, along with the Winter Festival of Lights happening throughout Queen Victoria Park!

Floral Showhouse - Outdoor illuminations at night for the Poinsettia Show