Oak Hall, Niagara Falls

Charlotte Gray Meet the Author

Exclusive meet and greet, following by a book-signing with British-born Canadian Author and Historian Charlotte Gray in historic Oak Hall.
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Charlotte Gray – Meet the Author & Book SigningDecember 9, 2019 · 7 – 8:30 p.m. · 7400 Portage Rd, Niagara Falls

Join author and historian Charlotte Gray in historic Oak Hall for a reception and book signing. Hear Ms. Gray speak about her latest book, Murdered Midas, and learn more about the story of Sir Harry Oakes.

Books are available for purchase during the event. The standing reception includes light refreshments. Tickets are free for this exclusive event but space is limited. Please reserve your tickets below or call 1.877.642.7275.

About the Book

A gold mine. A millionaire. An island paradise. An unsolved murder. A missing fortune. The story of the infamous Sir Harry Oakes as only Charlotte Gray can tell it.

Award-winning biographer and popular historian Charlotte Gray explores, for the first time, the life of the man behind the scandal, a man who was both reviled and admired – from his early, hardscrabble days of mining exploration, to his explosion of wealth, to his grandiose gestures of philanthropy. And Gray brings fresh eyes to the bungled investigation and shocking trial in the remote colonial island streets, proposing an overlooked suspect in this long cold case. Murdered Midas is the story of the man behind the newspaper headlines, who, despite his wealth and position, was never able to have justice.

Oak Hall

Oak hall is an impressive Tudor style mansion built in 1928. The former home of Canadian tycoon Sir Harry Oakes, the imposing structure features a number of striking architectural characteristics including ornate stonework and gargoyles adorning the main entrance. The main floor of the 37-room mansion has been preserved and is open to the public for tours. Administrative offices of the Niagara Parks Commission are also housed inside this historic building.