Queenston Heights Park, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Indigenous Month

Indigenous Month recognizes the historic contributions of Indigenous peoples to the development of Canada and the strength of present-day Indigenous communities and their promise for the future.
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June is Indigenous Month

Indigenous Month recognizes the historic contributions of Indigenous peoples to the development of Canada and the strength of present-day Indigenious communities and their promise for the future.

Join us Saturday, June 1st at 2pm, for the opening ceremonies at the Landscape of Nations on Queenston Heights to celebrate the start of Indigenous Month.

Queenston Heights Park

Celebrate Our Nations – An Interactive Experience

10AM-2PM • For Students & Teachers
2PM • All Are Welcome

Experience Indigenous life pre- and post-contact.
Teachings will include sessions on traditional foods, drumming, and the Medicine Wheel. Journey through Indigenous housing styles of the longhouse, teepee, and Métis encampment. Listen to creation stories from both the Haudenosaunee and Annishenabe. Participate in the round dance and the game of lacrosse. And explore replicas of artifacts at hands-on workshops and teachings about wampum belts, horn rattles, cornhusk dolls, baskets, and more.

JUNE 27 • 7 – 9PM


Coast to Coast Speaker Series Featured Author

The Coast to Coast Series highlights Canadian female authors, their unique perspectives and published works, inside the home of one of Canada’s best-known heroines, Laura Secord.

During Indigenous Month, published author Tanya Tagaq speaks about her book, Split Tooth, a story of a girl growing up in Nunavut in the 1970s. Tickets are $10 each.


Tanya Tagaq’s first book, Split Tooth, folds memoir with fiction, traditional stories with reality and poetry with prose. It is the story of a girl growing up in the Nunavut in the 1970s. Dark and rapturous, Split Tooth does with words what Tagaq’s music often does without, sweeping the reader into a space where life’s artificial constructs hold no claim. Tanya Tagaq has spoken of her musical improvisation as a never-ending thread pulled through the needle’s eye; set in a part of the world where a year can feel like one long day, Split Tooth is a rich and startling expression of this continuum, a striking metaphysics that informs Tagaq’s art across forms.


  • Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design – Prose Fiction WINNER 2018
  • Amazon Canada First Novel Award SHORTLIST 2019
  • Kobo Emerging Writer Prize SHORTLIST 2019
  • Scotiabank Giller Prize LONGLIST 2018

JUNE 28 • 8PM


Niagara Stage Concert Series, Queen Victoria Park

Hear Inuk throat singer and Polaris Prize winner Tanya Tagaq live on the Niagara Stage at the brink of Niagara Falls at this free concert.

“Tagaq projects sounds that carry the imprint of the body’s secret contours and recesses, delving far beyond personal utterance, out beyond human identity, to summon voices from the flesh cavity haunts of animal spirits and primal energies.” – The Wire (UK)

JUNE 29 • 8PM


Queen Victoria Park

Niagara Parks presents RUMBLE THE CONCERT, produced and directed by Tim Johnson in association with the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre and Kakekalanicks Indigenous Consulting.

This unique and timely live music performance reveals the significant contributions Indigenous musicians have made and continue to make to North American popular music. Featuring two-time JUNO Award-winner Derek Miller and other celebrated award-winning musicians, RUMBLE THE CONCERT presents songs that tell the story of Indigenous influences in shaping roots, blues, jazz, folk, and rock music genres.

RUMBLE photos courtesy MarkZelinski.com

RUMBLE The Concert

Queen Victoria Place

June 29, 8PM

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Please note that some Niagara Parks sites are currently closed. Niagara Parks will begin a phased reopening of its attractions and indoor dining operations on January 31.

Conformément aux dernières mesures de santé publique du gouvernement de l'Ontario, certains sites de Niagara Parks, y compris toutes les attractions et les restaurants intérieurs, sont fermés à compter du 5 janvier 2022.