Niagara Parks Power Station, Niagara Falls

Nikola Tesla Day

This July 9, join us inside the remarkable Niagara Parks Power Station for an exclusive, late-night celebration to kick off Nikola Tesla Day!
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Nikola Tesla Day

JULY 9 – 10, 2022

Join us inside the remarkable Niagara Parks Power Station to celebrate Nikola Tesla Day!

Beginning just before midnight on July 9, this after dark event will feature a special 11 p.m. presentation of Currents, the all-new sound and light show inside the halls of the Niagara Parks Power Station. Enjoy a unique night out with this riveting evening experience that will trigger your senses as you witness Tesla’s groundbreaking inventions come to life inside the century-old power station.

This limited event includes a wine and charcuterie reception, parking, and admission to Currents. Tickets are $88.50 per person.

Nikola Tesla Day

In 2021, Ontario proclaimed July 10 “Nikola Tesla Day” to honour the pioneering contributions of the visionary inventor whose work in electric power changed the world. The City of Niagara Falls officially proclaimed July 10 as Nikola Tesla Day in 2015. This year marks the first time Nikola Tesla Day is celebrated inside the historic Niagara Parks Power Station, where some of Tesla’s inventions still stand today.

On Tesla Day, the whole family can enjoy a full day of events at Niagara Parks, including Tesla-themed Little Inventors Workshops at the Niagara Parks Power Station (included with admission) and a commemorative Nikola Tesla Day ceremony at Nikola Tesla Plaza. The evening concludes with a special edition falls fireworks and illumination display.

The Nikola Tesla Statue near Niagara Falls
Power Station lighting up at night

Schedule of Events

  • July 9
    • 11:00 p.m. – Currents: Niagara’s Power Transformed*
  • July 10
    • 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. – Tesla-themed Little Inventors Workshops*
    • 5:00 p.m. – Ceremony at Nikola Tesla Plaza (organized by the Serbian Language School Nikola Tesla, with technical support by the Canadian Tesla Technical Museum)
    • 10:00 p.m. – Commemorative fireworks & falls illumination

*Little Inventors Workshops take place inside the Niagara Parks Power Station and are free with admission.

About Nikola Tesla

Serbian American engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla is known for his incredible breakthroughs in the production, transmission and application of electric power. He is credited for inventing the first alternating current (AC) motor and developed AC generation and transmission technology.

Tesla arrived in the United States in 1884, after he was hired as an electrical engineer at the New York office of Thomas Edison’s company. He arrived in the country with nothing more than four cents and a notebook of his favourite poems. Tesla left Edison’s company after six months to pursue his own work on alternating current machinery.

In 1888, Tesla partnered with American engineer and entrepreneur George Westinghouse to design the first high-frequency alternator. Their work introduced the concept of alternating current that changed the world.

A black and white photo of Nikola Tesla
A black and white photo of the Niagara Parks Power Station construction

About the Niagara Parks Power Station

Discover Niagara’s incredible story of power at the all-new Niagara Parks Power Station, our newest must-see attraction. Venture through the first major power plant on the Canadian side of the Niagara River with revived artifacts, interpretive exhibits and interactive installations.

At night, feel the century-old power station come to life in a breathtaking interactive experience that will awaken your senses with Currents: Niagara’s Power Transformed.