Mastering the Practice Range

June 9, 2017

Norm Moote

Mindlessly hitting bucket after bucket at the driving range will not help take your game to the next level. Playing a mental game on the practice tee and going through your bag, simulating shots in the the same sequence they occur when out on the course can pay major dividends!

Picture a hole in your mind and visualize it on the range. Rather then just hitting your drive as far as possible, try to locate it at a target. Once you have executed this shot, picture your approach to the green, maybe you hit your drive 220 yards, leaving you with a 100 yard approach shot. Think about what club best suits you for this distance and once again pick a target you will aim at.

Practicing in this way helps to prevent you from simply developing a repeatable rhythm with once club as this is not a scenario that will often present itself when playing a round.

Finally, PICK A TARGET! Every shot hit on the range should be done with a purpose and final result in mind. One of the differences between amateur and professional golfers is that amateurs make the ball the target, while professionals make the flag the target.

Norm Moote

Norm Moote

Norm Moote is the Head PGA Teaching Professional at the Legends Golf Academy. A protege of the late Canadian Golf Hall of Famer George Knudson, Norm is a member of the PGA of Canada and has been teaching full-time for more than 30 years.