Niagara Never Stops

The Niagara River Corridor, the natural adventures, the culinary experiences, the cultural contributions to both Canada and the world, Niagara Never Stops.

The river itself, rushing through North America, reaching out to every one of the Great Lakes, feeding the world’s largest source of fresh water, Niagara Never Stops.

The people, from near or far, of many backgrounds, beliefs, cultures and callings, all united in exploring Canada, Niagara Never Stops.

This isn’t just gear to rep your pride, this a statement, recognizing and celebrating the always enduring culture, nature, flavour, history, and people of the Niagara River Corridor.  Make the statement.

It never stops.


As the stewards of the Niagara River Corridor, preserving its nature, upholding its culture and heritage, Niagara Parks is proud to show what Niagara represents to both Canada and the world.


Proceeds from Niagara Never Stops gear go toward tree-planting and preservation efforts along the Niagara River Corridor, from Fort Erie to Niagara-on-the-Lake.

The Design

The design is simple and minimal, boldly communicating the complex power that the Niagara represents to the world.  Both the wordmark and the insignia make a strong, simple statement.

Niagara Never Stops.

The Gear

T-Shirt $25 ea.

Shirt with Niagara Never Stops printed on front

Snapback Cap $20 ea.

Hat with white logo on front

Tin Mug $18 ea.

Mugs with Niagara Never Stops printed on front


You can also buy Niagara Never Stops gear in-person at the Niagara Glen Nature Centre: 3050 Niagara Parkway
Niagara Falls, ON