Watch the Falls Come to Light

Dusk is one of the most magical times to be in Queen Victoria Park. As the glowing hues of golden hour fade and the sky turns dark, the powerful banks of LED lights installed across three locations in the park bring both the Horseshoe and American falls to life with vivid, programmable light in nearly every colour imaginable. While these lights are certainly the most impressive to date, history buffs will be excited to learn that the falls have actually been illuminated in one way or another dating all the way back to 1860!

Night Lights

Since summer 2017, Night Lights has provided visitors to experience Journey Behind the Falls from a whole new perspective, getting up close to the illuminated Horseshoe Falls while allowing for one of the most spectacular views of the nightly summer fireworks imaginable! While millions of people from across the world visit Journey Behind the Falls, only a small percentage have ever experienced it in this unique way!

Falls Fireworks

There is great debate among local photographers surrounding the ideal vantage point to capture the beauty of the Falls Fireworks series, which runs nightly at 10pm during the summer months and on select evenings throughout the year. But once you enter Queen Victoria Park, there truly is not a bad view to be had. Whether you are deep in the gorge standing on the Journey Behind the Falls platform, or taking in the show from our Grandview Plaza, make sure you have your camera (and your hashtags) ready!



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Please note that some Niagara Parks sites are currently closed. Niagara Parks will begin a phased reopening of its attractions and indoor dining operations on January 31.

Conformément aux dernières mesures de santé publique du gouvernement de l'Ontario, certains sites de Niagara Parks, y compris toutes les attractions et les restaurants intérieurs, sont fermés à compter du 5 janvier 2022.