Take a breath of fresh air with these
outdoor winter activities at Niagara Parks

Winter in Niagara Falls brings an abundance of opportunities to see and explore Niagara Parks’ natural wonders in new and enchanting ways. From hiking and snowshoeing, to birdwatching, geocaching and much more, the 56-kilometre long Niagara River Parkway offers something for nature lovers of all ages and abilities to enjoy throughout the winter season. Take a breath of fresh winter air with these outdoor activities you can enjoy at Niagara Parks this season.

Snowshoe through snow dusted trees
Weekends, Dec.28 - Mar 29

Try one of Niagara Parks’ three self-guided snowshoeing trails at Whirlpool Golf Course. The short, medium and long trails meander through snow dusted trees that line sections of the golf course with some moderate elevation changes and scenic vantage points. Snowshoeing trails at Whirlpool Golf Course are open Saturdays and Sundays until March 29, weather permitting. Unlimited day trail passes and equipment rentals are available. Call 1(866) 465-3642 for more information.


Go for a hike along the Niagara River Parkway

If you prefer hiking over snowshoeing, you can admire the beauty of winter on a peaceful walk along the Niagara River Parkway, exploring Queen Victoria Park or hiking one of our three winter hiking trails at Whirlpool Golf Course.

Geocache your way through Niagara Parks

Geocaching is an outdoor activity similar to a treasure hunt with the goal of finding hidden containers, known as caches or geocaches, using a portable satellite navigation device called a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. Niagara Parks has a number of geocaches to find, see how many you can locate! More information regarding different types of caches and geocaching in general can be found at geocaching.com and earthcache.org.


Take in Canada’s largest illumination festival

The annual Winter Festival of Lights is presented by the Ontario Power Generation across Niagara Parks and features millions of dazzling lights throughout Dufferin Islands, Queen Victoria Park and surrounding tourist districts. Founded in 1982, the festival is the largest of its kind in Canada attracting over 1.8 million visitors annually. Witness Niagara Falls transform into a breathtaking palette of colours with brilliant animated lights and interactive displays from November to January.


A growing number of visitors come to Niagara Falls each year to see one of the world’s greatest gatherings of gulls and other migrating birds. Not all bird species found in the region flock south for the winter, however. Recognized as a “Globally Significant Important Bird Area” by major conservations groups in North America, Niagara Parks offers many sites to spot colder climate wild birds during the winter season.


See the frozen falls

When the temperature drops extremely low in Niagara Falls the Horseshoe Falls can become encased with thick layers of snow and ice creating the “frozen falls.” This visually stunning phenomenon draws thousands of visitors who come to marvel at the power of nature. Although this sheet of ice makes it appear as though the falls have stopped moving, the water continues to flow underneath. Don’t miss seeing one of the most spectacular views in the world this winter!

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