Boat Launches: Virtual Public Information Centre

Niagara Parks operates six public boat launch sites on its property which require annual maintenance and upgrades. In order to further invest in the infrastructure of the launches, Niagara Parks has introduced a boat launch parking fee at these sites, beginning with the 2021 season. Daily parking fees will be $10, with an annual pass available for $120.

Niagara Parks held a virtual public information centre on December 3rd from 6 to 7pm to gather input from the public on which sites should be priority for investment and better understand usage of the launch sites.

Feedback Collection

Following the virtual public information centre, over 300 individuals completed a 14 question online survey, providing feedback on the relative usage and maintenance considerations at each of the boat launches.

Public Feedback Summary

Thorough review of the feedback collected, led to the following conclusions.

  • The Queenston boat launch site is by far the highest volume site and most important to users with 56% of respondents ranking it first in importance
  • The Anger Avenue boat launch site ranked last in importance to respondents with only 7% saying it was their preferred site and 28% ranking it the least important to them
  • The Queenston site received a majority of comments and engagement with respondents indicating it should be prioritized for investments from the collected parking fees
  • The repaving and widening of ramps should be a priority for future maintenance across the sites, ranking as the most requested infrastructure improvement

Proposed Temporary Closure of Anger Avenue Boat Launch Site

Informed by the feedback provided, our engineering team is currently evaluating how the funds collected from the introduction of the boat launch parking fees can be invested back into the the sites to best serve the needs of users.

As the Anger Avenue boat launch was indicated to be the least important site to boat launch users, a temporary closure of the site would allow for investment at other launches for 2021, while also providing the opportunity to make infrastructure improvements at the Anger Avenue site for future reopening.

In order to understand how this potential closure might impact the public, we ask that you please complete the brief survey below in order to inform this decision.