Niagara Parks Cycling Strategy

Niagara Parks is currently in the planning stages of a new cycling strategy to support and promote cycling tourism throughout Niagara Parks, improving the cycling experience for all. As part of the new 2018-2028 Strategic Plan, Niagara Parks is committed to enhancing visitors’ understanding and experiences by providing more walkable, cycling and transit-friendly ways of exploring Niagara Parks. This cycling strategy will align with the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries cycling commitments and the Ministry of Transportation’s CycleON Strategy.

Niagara Parks will engage a cycling consultant to work with staff to develop the cycling experience throughout its 56 kilometres of land along the Niagara River corridor by providing options to supply bicycles at Niagara Parks and creating cycling itineraries that leverage Niagara Parks’ unique experiences.

Investments in Cycling Infrastructure

With the support of the Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries Bike Parking Capital Funding Program, Niagara Parks has invested in improving the cycling infrastructure along the Niagara River Recreation Trial. In total, over $200,000 has been allocated to Niagara Parks in support of the initiative, which has installed over 40 new bike racks and 12 new bike repair stations, as well as equipment lockers, water refill stations, bike lockers and additional waste receptacles, to be located at various sites from For Erie to Niagara-on the-Lake. The project also included the installation of permeable surfaces, bollards and on-site lighting for greater rider safety and convenience at these new locations.

The objective of the Ministry’s Bike Parking Capital Funding Program is to increase bicycle ridership to support provincial tourism and culture agencies and attractions. Niagara Parks has become a key destination for cyclists, offering the 54-kilometre Niagara River Recreation Trail, which spans the entire length of the Niagara River corridor from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.

Next Steps

Niagara Parks will be engaging a cycling consultant to assist staff in assessing the various options to further promote cycling within Niagara Parks, such as examining the benefits and impacts of bike rental programs and bike share programs. The consultation process will also consider the diverse offerings of Niagara Parks from a cycling perspective, including connectivity between its natural attractions, culinary experiences, hiking trails, golf courses and gardens.

The strategy will support connections to the systems of transportation within Niagara Parks and surrounding communities, encouraging the reduction of vehicles and vehicle traffic around the falls and throughout the Niagara River corridor.

Connecting Trail Networks

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Next Steps

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