Preserve, Protect and Amaze

Niagara Parks is committed to preserving the natural wonders of the Niagara River corridor, ensuring the sustainability of our forest canopy, promoting species diversity, and implementing effective shoreline management practices.

Niagara Parks is investing our time, money, effort and ingenuity in preserving and protecting the most vulnerable and valued land and water habitats of the Niagara River corridor, which follows the river for 56 kilometres from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, including unique natural elements like the Niagara Glen, Niagara River Gorge and, of course, the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

Our Commitment

Stewardship of the natural environment has always been a central element of Niagara Parks’ mandate and operations. We strive to lead by example, continuously seeking innovative and sustainable solutions to minimize our environmental footprint.

Get Involved 

Get involved in Niagara Parks’ environmental sustainability initiatives and make a positive impact on the planet by taking part in our upcoming community events! Leave a lasting legacy by planting a tree with us, learn more about the animals we protect and celebrate our gardens and green spaces. Together, we can protect the natural beauty of the region for generations to come.  

Help Make A Difference

The Niagara Parks Foundation is a registered charity established to support and advance environmental and cultural stewardship initiatives of Niagara Parks. The Foundation provides a unique opportunity for members of the public and corporations to actively contribute to one of the world’s most beloved public spaces, while generating additional funds to support Niagara Parks’ many responsibilities. 

Through a donation to the Niagara Parks Foundation, you can help to support Niagara Parks in the preservation of the priceless nature and heritage along the Niagara River corridor.  

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Niagara Parks Community Newsletter Sign-Up