Paradise Grove Forest Management

A story of giving to support environmental stewardship at Niagara Parks

One of the priority projects that the Niagara Parks Foundation is supporting is tree planting along the Niagara River corridor. Each year, Niagara Parks has a goal of planting 5,000 trees to achieve a 35% canopy cover by 2028.


Dead Oak Removal

Niagara Parks has removed 30 dead oak trees in the Paradise Grove area on the north Niagara Parkway. Paradise Grove is representative of a remnant black oak savannah, which is one of the rarest habitat types in Ontario. The dead oak trees, which were located near or adjacent to the Parkway and the Niagara River Recreation Trail, posed a safety risk to visitors if left standing in the long term. This was the only reason for their removal. The trees will be harvested for their wood and re-purposed in the future for uses such as public park benches.

Generous Support

Through the Niagara Parks Foundation, Miller Waste Systems has donated $10,000 to cover the cost of planting 150 new trees at Paradise Grove, representing a 5 to 1 replacement ratio. “Our company is proud to support this tree planting initiative, which is in lock-step with our organization’s values,” stated Miller Waste Systems’ President Denis Goulet. “Our staff live and work in this community and we appreciate the environmental stewardship of Niagara Parks to preserve and protect the natural features along the Niagara River corridor.”


Tree Planting

Niagara Parks has undertaken work to plant over 200 new trees at Paradise Grove, comprised of oak, maple and sassafras, to ensure a diversity of tree species in the area. Based on soil analysis conducted as part of the project, a combination of factors over the past five years has led to the decline of the mature oak trees. Factors included, invasive species, drought, and a lack of soil nutrients. In addition to selecting species that are suitable to the soil conditions, Niagara Parks will be using compost produced by its Environmental Services team, to gradually add nutrients back into the soils around the newly planted trees.

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