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Flowers are Blooming in Niagara Parks

Find out what’s blooming at Niagara Parks. Our Nature & Gardens experts update our bloom calendar for garden enthusiasts who want to know what blooms are available at certain times of the year and where they might find them.

Please note that the locations below are where you can find a significant showing of the listed blooms, but you’re sure to find other places in Niagara Parks bursting with colour in spring!

Currently in Bloom


To see the flowers in bloom, you could visit two formal Niagara Parks Rose Gardens. There is Queen Victoria Park, just South of Police station, and the Botanical Gardens. Other less formal beds are also at various Niagara Parks locations.

Blooming Calendar

Daffodils Throughout April (usually peak mid-April) Large patches by the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, along the bank in Queen Victoria Park from Clifton Hill to Murray Street, as well as other smaller areas throughout Niagara Parks
Tulips Usually some starting to show colour first of May, peaking around Mother’s Day Large displays throughout Queen Victoria Park, Oakes Garden Theatre, Botanical Gardens, Floral Clock, & Queenston Heights. Location, variety, and weather affects bloom timing
Magnolias Early to mid-May Magnolia Allée outside of Floral Showhouse, in front of the Niagara Parks Police building, and several large specimens at the Botanical Gardens
Cherry Trees Mid to late-May Along the Niagara Parkway at Kingsbridge Park, Falls Parking Lot, Rapidsview Parking Lot, Queenston Heights Park (picnic field), and near the entrance of the Botanical Gardens
Lilacs Third or fourth week of May to early-June Centennial Lilac Garden (North of Floral Clock)
Roses First flush of flowers in mid-June, continuing to bloom on and off through summer Two formal Niagara Parks Rose Gardens: Queen Victoria Park just South of Police station, and at the Botanical Gardens. Other less formal beds are also at various Niagara Parks locations.

Bloom chart last updated June 1, 2023 - Bloom Timeframes are approximate, placement and variety can affect bloom periods