Niagara Glen Nature Centre

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Niagara Glen Nature Centre

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Set high atop the Niagara Gorge, overlooking the Niagara River, the Niagara Glen Nature Centre offers visitor information, guided hiking tours, bouldering permits and educational programming. Inside, you’ll also find an array of refreshments and unique souvenirs.

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The Carolinian Life Zone

The Niagara Peninsula is considered part of the Carolinian Life Zone. This Zone is actually the northernmost edge of the deciduous forest region in eastern North America and is named after the Carolina states. In Canada, the Carolinian Life Zone is just a narrow band across Southern Ontario, which supports the most productive and endangered assortment of plant and animal species in Canada.


Nature Exchange Ethical Trading System

The Nature Exchange Ethical Trading System is a free educational program that allows visitors to learn about the unique geology of the Niagara Glen and the variety of plants and animals that live in the area. As part of the program, visitors can trade rocks, shells and fossils discovered and collected during their journey in exchange for points. In accordance with Niagara Parks’ Leave No Trace principle, photographs, drawings, stories, descriptions and other non-damaging collecting methods are accepted and highly encouraged. The system is an entirely points-based program; trade items are not for sale. Cultural artifacts, such as anything handmade, are not accepted.

Guided hiking tours

Experience the Niagara Glen through the expertise of a Niagara Parks Naturalist on a guided hiking tour during the summer season. Learn about the geology, plant and animal life of this unique spot in nature. Hikers of all levels should be well prepared for their trip and follow guidelines for a successful and enjoyable hiking experience in the Niagara Glen.


Bouldering permits

The carved rock formations of the Niagara Glen represent thousands of years of geological history and have become a popular destination for rock climbing enthusiasts from around the world. Historically, bouldering was a means of training for longer climbing routes and mountaineering. Over the past 30 years, bouldering has evolved into a popular sport with appeal as a health-conscious physical form of recreation and fitness.

Bouldering permits and supplies can be purchased at the Niagara Glen Nature Centre.

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