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Explore Niagara’s beautiful natural spaces

Escape to our sprawling parkland, manicured gardens, or peaceful Butterfly Conservatory with Niagara Parks Nature and Gardens. Discover world-famous rose collections, spectacular flowering trees and shrubs, and annual baskets in full bloom. Explore historic Queen Victoria Park and the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens, meet our naturalists for a hike through the Niagara Glen, travel along our winding trails, or cycle along the Niagara River Recreation Trail.

Oakes Garden Theatre

The shaded lily ponds and formalized gardens in Oakes Garden Theatre offer visitors a tranquil escape in the heart of Niagara Falls.

Floral Showhouse

Collections of orchids, succulents, and other tropical plant species are on display throughout the year, along with floral shows that reflect the changing seasons.

Botanical Gardens

Established in 1936, the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens presents visitors with 99 acres of beautifully maintained gardens.

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Butterfly Conservatory

Admire the beauty of over 2,000 vibrantly coloured, free-flying butterflies at one of the largest glass-enclosed butterfly conservatories in North America. This family-friendly attraction features 180 metres of paths to discover.

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Niagara Glen

The trails through the Niagara Glen overlook the rapid waters of the Niagara River and the natural phenomenon that is the Niagara River Whirlpool.

Niagara Glen Nature Centre

Overlooking the spectacular Niagara River, the Niagara Glen Nature Centre offers hikers wide array of refreshments and unique souvenirs. Bouldering permits and supplies...

Floral Clock

The intricate designs on the face of the Floral Clock are created with up to 16,000 carpet bedding plants and are changed twice each year.

Queen Victoria Park

Stroll through the beautifully maintained gardens that overlook Niagara Falls and enjoy free live entertainment and special events throughout the year.

Dufferin Islands

This popular area is 10 acres of paradise - a quiet, secluded park containing several small, secluded islands connected by footbridges.

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Paradise Grove

The Paradise Grove Oak Savannah Restoration area is located at the north end of the Niagara Parkway near Niagara-on-the-Lake.

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Environmental Stewardship

Niagara Parks is committed to preserving the natural wonders of the Niagara River corridor.

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Architectural Masterpieces

Travel across our 56km Niagara River Parkway and you’ll discover many of our historic and magnificent structures.

History of the Whirlpool Aero Car

For over 100 years, the historic Whirlpool Aero Car has offered riders spectacular views of the swirling Niagara Whirlpool and the Class 6 whitewater rapids of the Niagara River.

History of Journey Behind the Falls

For over 400 years, visitors have traveled from around the globe to experience the spectacle of the world’s most powerful waterfall.

Niagara Gorge Views

You have all the ingredients for some of the most breathtaking views you will find anywhere