Queenston Heights

Queenston Heights

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Queenston Heights Park combines leisure and history in one scenic location. Nestled high atop the Niagara Escarpment in the north end of Niagara Parks, Queenston Heights Parks offers picturesque hiking trails, picnic areas, tennis courts, two picnic pavilions and a children’s splash pad. Queenston Heights Park is also home to the Landscape of Nations Memorial and serves as the southern terminus of Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath, the Bruce Trail. At the entrance to this historic park, see the grand carpet bedding displays that surround both the Brock and Laura Secord Monuments.

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Reconnect with Nature

With 56 kilometres of preserved parkland found along the Niagara River, there’s an abundance of opportunities to reconnect with nature in Niagara Parks. Explore endless hiking trails, learn about the exciting sport of bouldering, discover hundreds of bird species along the Niagara Parkway, or take an unforgettable ride along the paved Niagara Recreational Trail.


Southern Terminus of the Bruce Trail

Queenston Heights Park is the southern terminus point of the Bruce Trail, Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath. Winding northward over several hundred kilometres to Tobermory, the trail passes through the Niagara Escarpment, a biosphere reserved recognized by U.N.E.S.C.O.

Brock’s Monument

Brock’s monument was built in 1853 and designed by William Thomas in a Neoclassical design. Made of Queenston limestone, the monument features a 16-foot statue of Major General Sir Isaac Brock who was killed in the Battle of Queenston Heights in October 1812. He was considered the founding hero of Upper Canada. The monument was unveiled in 1859.


Landscape of Nations

The Landscape of Nations Memorial is dedicated to the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations) Confederacy and Indigenous Allies that participated in the War of 1812. Limestones from the Queenston Quarry represent each nation of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy in a sunburst pattern. Abenakis, Delaware and nations from the north are also honoured in the memorial. The Landscape of Nations Memorial affirms the proper place of First Nations peoples at the core of Canadian history and signals their ongoing role in contemporary life and national affairs.

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