Embark on a self-guided audio tour hike of the Niagara Glen, Rekindling All Our Relations – An Indigenous Audio Tour of the Niagara Glen, and discover the Indigenous connections to the nature all around you. 

About the Audio Tour

Free for the public, this unique self-guided hiking experience in the stunning Niagara Glen merges nature, culture, and storytelling into a profound exploration of Indigenous wisdom and connection. At its heart, “Rekindling All Our Relations” is an Indigenous journey, curated by Michele-Elise Burnett, a respected member of Niagara’s Indigenous community. With her deep roots and understanding of Indigenous teachings, Burnett has carefully crafted an experience that goes beyond the physical beauty of the Niagara Glen, delving into its spiritual essence. Through her guidance, participants are invited to engage with the land in a profound and meaningful way, fostering a deeper connection and appreciation for its wonders. 

The soundtrack of the tour, engineered by William Riech Jr., also an Indigenous community member, adds another layer of depth to the experience. Drawing on his expertise in audio engineering, Riech skillfully creates a sonic landscape that highlights the natural sounds of the Niagara Glen, enhancing the storytelling while enveloping participants in a sensory journey that connects them back to the land. 

As participants embark on this spiritual journey, they are guided not only by Burnett and Riech but by the wisdom of generations. Both Burnett and Riech, as Metis with Algonquin roots and members of the Bear Clan, carry with them a profound respect for their heritage and a commitment to honouring the teachings of their ancestors. Their voices echo the resilience and wisdom of Indigenous peoples, inviting you to join them in rekindling the sacred stories that connect us all. 


App Information

Experience a deeper sense of connection to your surroundings with the Rekindling All Our Relations audio tour of the Niagara Glen. Visit the Niagara Glen Nature Centre to receive a handheld audio device or download Rekindling All Our Relations in advance to play the podcast from your smartphone. Rekindling All Our Relations is available for download on both Apple and Google streaming platforms.

Supported by Niagara Parks Foundation

The Niagara Parks Foundation is a registered charity governed by a Board of Directors, established to support and advance stewardship initiatives of Niagara Parks. The Foundation offers unique opportunities for individuals, families, foundations and organizations to actively contribute to one of the world’s most beloved public spaces. 

“Rekindling All Our Relations” is a testament to the power of collaboration and community supported by the Niagara Parks Foundation. While this audio tour is free for the public, donations to the Niagara Parks Foundation are welcome.

To learn more, visit niagaraparksfoundation.com