The Niagara Parks Commission (NPC) is committed to maintaining the accuracy, security and privacy of the personal information we collect and use, in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. In order to meet this commitment to our customers and visitors, we have developed and adhere to this privacy policy.

Collection of Information

Personal information is any information about an identifiable individual. This includes information such as your name, address, e-mail address and any payment information you provide. All personal information that we collect is provided voluntarily when you choose to contact us or to purchase merchandise and/or services. We collect only the information that is required to provide the services you requested. NPC will not retain personal information for longer than is reasonably necessary or applicable law permits.

We may also use your personal information to create aggregated data. Aggregated data is data that is placed in a format that prevents or seriously limits the chance of revealing an individual’s identity. It may be used to show general statistics or track customer behavior as a whole. Such aggregated information is used by NPC to plan, develop, implement, market and promote our services and products. It will not be used to identify you.

Video Recording Systems

The Niagara Parks Commission uses video recording systems as part of its continuing efforts to ensure the safety and security of its visitors, employees and numerous sites and facilities. The personal information collected by the use of these video recording systems (CCTV) is collected under the authority of the Niagara Parks Act and the Occupier’s Liability Act.

In order to provide notice to individuals that a video recording system is in use, all NPC venues and WEGO buses where video recording systems are monitored are posted with appropriate signage in prominent locations, which are readily visible to members of the public.

Any questions about this collection can be directed to NPC’s Freedom of Information and Privacy Coordinator, whose contact can be found below.

Disclosure of Personal Information

NPC will not provide your personal information to third parties unless the disclosure of that information is permitted by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. That Act permits disclosure in the following circumstances (among others):

  1. with your consent;
  2. in compelling circumstances affecting the health or safety of an individual;
  3. to a law enforcement agency to aid an investigation undertaken with a view to a law enforcement proceeding or from which a law enforcement proceeding is likely to result; and
  4. in the case of security records, to address a safety or security concern.

In the event that it is necessary to provide personal information to one of the business partners with whom we contract to provide those services, those partners have contractually agreed to adhere to the privacy provisions under which we operate.

Security of Personal Information

NPC has procedures in place to secure all personal information in our possession. Access to your personal information is limited to those staff members and business partners who require it in order to fulfill your requests. Additionally, we maintain a secure server and an up-to-date security system to safeguard your transactions and the information you provide.

Accessing Personal Information

Should you wish to view, delete or change your personal information please advise us at info@niagaraparks.com. In an effort to ensure that the information you have provided is accurate, up-to-date and retained only as long as required, the information is destroyed within a specified period following your last purchase and/or correspondence.

Questions Concerning NPC’s Privacy Policy

If you have any questions or concerns regarding NPC’s privacy policy or the use of the personal information you provided to NPC, please contact our privacy officer at:

Freedom of Information and Privacy Co-ordinator
The Niagara Parks Commission
P.O. Box 150
Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6T2
Phone: 905-356-2241
Fax: 905-354-6041

Additional Information for Individuals Subject to the GDPR

This part of this privacy policy provides additional information for individuals who reside in a jurisdiction governed by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

Under the GDPR, personal data is defined as: “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person”. The term “personal information” used in this privacy policy is approximately equivalent to the term “personal data” under the GDPR. The legal bases for our processing of personal data are primarily that the processing is necessary for providing the services and that the processing is carried out in our legitimate interests. We may also process personal data upon your consent, asking for it as appropriate.

Under the GDPR, you may be entitled to additional rights, including: (a) the right to withdraw consent to processing at any time, where consent is the basis of processing; (b) the right to request from the data controller access to and rectification or erasure of personal data, under certain conditions; (c) the right to request from the data controller restriction of the processing of personal data or to object to data processing, under certain conditions; (d) the right to request from the data controller, data portability concerning personal data that you provided to the data controller, under certain conditions; (e) the right to object to decisions being taken by automated means which produce legal effects concerning you or similarly significantly affect you, under certain conditions; and (f) the right to lodge a complaint with data protection authorities. Additional information about your rights under the GDPR is available at the European Commission’s page on Data Protection.

When we disclose your personal data to third parties, we take reasonable measures to ensure that the rules set forth in this privacy policy are complied with and these third parties provide sufficient guarantees to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures.

If you reside in a jurisdiction governed by the GDPR, we will not transfer your personal data to another jurisdiction unless permitted to do so under the GDPR. Your personal data may be transferred to our locations in Canada, and the European Commission has determined that Canada has adequate safeguards under the GDPR. Your personal data may be transferred to our service providers located in Canada or the United States. We only use US service providers who are participants in the EU – US Privacy Shield, or who have entered into standard contractual clauses with us, or who otherwise qualify under the GDPR to receive transfers of personal data. If you would like more information about our service providers, please contact us using the methods listed above under “Questions Concerning NPC’s Privacy Policy”.

If you live in a country in the EU/EEA, you must be at least 16 years old to use our products and services or such greater age required in your country to register for or use our products and services. In addition to being of the minimum required age to use our products and services, under applicable law, if you are not old enough to have authority to agree to this privacy policy in your country, your parent or guardian must agree to this privacy policy on your behalf.

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Our Privacy Co-ordinator will respond to your inquiry no later than 30 days from the time at which it is received.