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Images and video of Niagara Parks are available for promoting Niagara Parks attractions, restaurants, heritage sites, golf courses and parkland in non-commercial applications. Images and video materials may not be substantively altered, duplicated, shared, sold or copied unless authorized by Niagara Parks’ Marketing Team.

Users are required to provide credit to “Niagara Parks” or as indicated below the image title.

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A broader spectrum of resources are available by contacting Niagara Parks directly.

Please note that some Niagara Parks sites are currently closed. Niagara Parks will begin a phased reopening of its attractions and indoor dining operations on January 31.

Conformément aux dernières mesures de santé publique du gouvernement de l'Ontario, certains sites de Niagara Parks, y compris toutes les attractions et les restaurants intérieurs, sont fermés à compter du 5 janvier 2022.