Family Discovery Garden

Located on a 2-acre parcel of land within the world-renowned Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens along the Niagara River, the Family Discovery Garden reimagines the spectacular features of the Niagara River corridor through the philosophy of natural and imaginative play, inviting families and children of all ages to explore and connect with nature in a safe and accessible setting.



The Family Discovery Garden will be located on a 2-acre parcel of land within the world-renowned Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens.

The site is also the home of the popular year-round attraction, the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory, as well as the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture.

The proposed location provides numerous benefits, including the ability to leverage existing amenities such as the Butterfly Conservatory, ample parking, a public transit stop, guest washrooms and the Garden Cafe, as well as proximity to the Niagara Parkway and the Niagara River Recreation Trail.


Design Elements

The towering walls of the great Niagara Gorge are reimagined as large, flat slabs of limestone inviting guests of all ages to climb, play and explore. The world-famous Whirlpool Rapids are the inspiration behind a natural water-based play area, incorporating a rocky landscape and water features. The pristine pocket of Carolinian Forest at the Niagara Glen is showcased by a fully accessible, elevated boardwalk that winds its way from the forest floor to the tree canopy offering different perspectives along the way.

The design concept for the Family Discovery Garden is divided into three phases, each incorporating unique elements that capture the authentic character and legacy of the Niagara River corridor, all guided by the principles of sustainability, accessibility, inclusivity, exploration and diversity.

Other Foundation Projects

Paradise Grove Forest Management

Paradise Grove Forest Management

One of the priority projects that the Niagara Parks Foundation is supporting is tree planting along the Niagara River corridor. Each year, Niagara Parks has a goal of planting 5,000 trees to achieve a 35% canopy cover by 2028.

Memorial Trees & Benches

Memorial Trees & Benches

The gift of a tree is a lasting tribute that benefits the community and natural environment, and memorial benches offer a unique remembrance of a loved one in one of Niagara Parks’ many beautiful settings.