Tree Planting Program

Niagara Parks’ 10-year Urban Forestry Management Strategy sets a number of research-based goals and strategies that will help Niagara Parks create a healthier and more resilient urban forest that supports wildlife and recreational opportunities, reduces pollution, provides a beautiful landscape and helps mitigate the impacts of flooding, erosion and even climate change.


Urban Forests

An urban forest is a collection of trees that grow within a city, town or settlement. A healthy urban forest can provide a number of benefits such as providing habitat for wildlife; reducing water runoff and mitigating flooding/soil erosion; providing shade and temperature management thereby reducing energy costs; reducing pollution; absorbing noise and more.

A diverse forest canopy is resilient to future threats such as invasive species and a changing climate.


Each year, Niagara Parks will seek to plant 5,000 trees to achieve 35% canopy cover by 2028.

35% canopy coverage


Forestry Goals

The Urban Forestry Management Strategy includes goals to improve forest health, increase canopy cover, increase species and habitat biodiversity, mitigate the impacts of invasive species and climate change, increase awareness and promote stewardship. Its ten-year target is to reach 35% overall canopy cover.

Since 2012, approximately 150,000 trees have been planted throughout Niagara Parks. The Niagara Parks Foundation raises funds to help support this initiative to continue to plant 5,000 trees per year, contributing to an additional 93 hectares of coverage in the Niagara River corridor.

More ways to give

The Niagara Parks Foundation aims to support Niagara Parks in its stewardship initiatives through funding, research and public education. Make a one-time donation, monthly gift, or dedicate a tribute to a loved one.

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Tree Planting Projects

Paradise Grove Forest Management

Paradise Grove Forest Management

One of the priority projects that the Niagara Parks Foundation is supporting is tree planting along the Niagara River corridor. Each year, Niagara Parks has a goal of planting 5,000 trees to achieve a 35% canopy cover by 2028.

Memorial Trees & Benches

Memorial Trees & Benches

The gift of a tree is a lasting tribute that benefits the community and natural environment, and memorial benches offer a unique remembrance of a loved one in one of Niagara Parks’ many beautiful settings.