Niagara Glen

Niagara Gorge at the Niagara Glen

Niagara Glen

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Discover some of nature’s most beautiful and mysterious creations at the Niagara Glen. Located deep in the Niagara Gorge, stairways lead to four kilometres (2.5 miles) of rugged hiking paths that wind through this pristine pocket of Carolinian Forest, past prehistoric geological formations, wild flora and fauna. The Niagara Glen overlooks the rapid waters of the Niagara River and the natural phenomenon that is the Niagara River Whirlpool.

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Explore 400 million years of natural history

One of the last remaining remnants of old growth Carolinian Forest in Niagara, the Niagara Glen features some of the largest trees of their kind and is home to approximately 490 species of vulnerable plants and animals.

The large boulders found in the Niagara Glen are relics of the rapid erosion that occurred, and continues to occur, along the Niagara River. The fossils you may find during your visit showcase a diverse collection of marine life indicating that the rocks in this area formed in an ancient sea. Delicate mosses and ferns can also be found throughout the Niagara Glen. They grow on boulders, cliff walls and the ground.

We kindly ask all visitors to please respect this natural habitat and only take pictures as they explore over 400 million years of natural history.


Bouldering at the Glen

The carved rock formations of the Niagara Glen represent thousands of years of geological history and have become a popular destination for rock climbing enthusiasts from around the world. Historically, bouldering was a means of training for longer climbing routes and mountaineering. Over the past 30 years, bouldering has evolved into a popular sport with appeal as a health-conscious physical form of recreation and fitness.

Bouldering permits and supplies can be purchased at the Niagara Glen Nature Centre.

Trail rating and classification

While most trails in the Niagara Glen are classified as moderate difficulty, the unique geological formation of the gorge may present challenges to both novice and experienced hikers. Trails may include steep cliffs, rough trails, slippery rocks, loose rocks overhead and fast-running water. Please enjoy the trails in the Niagara Glen for walking and hiking at your own risk.

Trail rating classification

Moderate: Suitable for most hikers with basic trail experience; infrequent obstacles; gently rolling with short, steep sections.

Difficult: Suitable for experienced hikers; trails have non-established surfaces; many steep sections that may continue for long periods; obstacles common.


Trail safety

Hiking in the Niagara Glen is only permitted between the hours of sunrise and sunset. Please visit to find expected sunrise and sunset hours by month, provided by The Government of Canada. Please note that due to the tree canopy and trail elevations, it may become dark sooner than expected as the sun begins to set in some trail sections.

Winter conditions may produce additional hazards, including icy patches and those caused or obscured by snowfall. Niagara Parks encourages all visitors to respect this nature area by not littering, staying on the marked trails and carrying out anything carried in.

Dogs must be leashed at all times. Cycling and swimming in the Niagara Glen are strictly prohibited. Finally, we remind all visitors to take only photographs and leave only footprints!

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