Niagara Parks Diploma: Apprenticeship Training

Our on-campus practical horticulture education on the grounds of the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens forms the foundation of the Niagara Parks Diploma apprenticeship training program. Students form crews that provide maintenance to the gardens year-round and accumulate paid hours of apprenticeship.

Level One

The first level of apprenticeship training focuses on the safety aspects of horticulture workplaces, as well as the practical skills and knowledge associated with plants and their environment, including commonly used tools and equipment. Students work alongside more senior students and instructors/curators as they rotate through different aspects of the Botanical Gardens’ operations.

Level Two

Level two apprenticeship training builds on level one competencies by applying skills in more in-depth and complex ways while also providing leadership opportunities related to specific tasks such as lawn maintenance, arboriculture and seasonal plant-outs.

Level Three

Level three apprenticeship training is designed to expand both horticultural and leadership skills. Students in level three apprenticeship supervise student crews and take on management tasks including scheduling equipment and work planning.