What we do

The Planning and Properties division of the Niagara Parks Commission is responsible for a wide range of issues of matters including:


  • Providing the Commission with professional advice on land use planning issues
  • Reviewing and commenting on various planning applications circulated by area municipalities to ensure they are in keeping with the aims and objectives of The Niagara Parks Commission.


  • Records management of Niagara parks real property deeds, leases, licences, and agreements
  • Permits for such things as: Signs, shoreline docks, shore wells, utilities and Niagara Parkway access
  • Property management of NPC leased facilities (commercial and residential)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services

Agency and Municipality relations

Neighbouring property owner relations

Environmental Issues

Natural and Cultural Heritage Matters


For further information not found on this website, please contact:

properties@niagaraparks.com or call (905) 295-4396 ext. 3261