Supporting the Community

Niagara Parks is completely self-supporting and receives no funding from Ontario taxpayers, instead raising revenue through the operation of our attractions, gift shops, historic sites, restaurants, golf courses and parking facilities. Niagara Parks’ economic and tourism contribution plays a key role in helping to attract between 11 & 12 million visitors to Niagara each year.

As a community-based organization, Niagara Parks is proud to assist locally based and national groups by hosting their fund-raising events on the property. The organization maintains the Niagara River Recreation Trail and many picnic and park venues, where events are held for a wide variety of community groups and charities.

Residents across the Niagara Region enjoy the amenities and services offered by the Park. Free amenities include playgrounds with splash pads, hiking trails, sites for photography and miles of nature areas with benches for enjoying the sights. Modest administration fees are required to book pavilions and sites for picnics and re-unions, wedding ceremonies and boat docking.