Shoreline Docks at Niagara Parks

The Niagara Parks Commission is responsible for the maintenance of 1,325 hectares of parkland, stretching some 56 kilometres along the length of the Niagara River (Canadian side) from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.

The Niagara Parks Commission has a duty to manage and control the lands under its jurisdiction. Historically and to date, the shoreline dock restrictions were developed to ensure that the installation of temporary docks is only permitted in accordance with the mandate of the NPC to preserve and promote the natural heritage along the Niagara River for the enjoyment of current and future visitors.

Shoreline docks can have a significant impact on the natural environment. It is the responsibility of Niagara Parks to ensure management of shoreline docks aligns with its mandate and the established Urban Forestry Management Plan along with other environmental stewardship initiatives.
Eligible Niagara Parkway residents who wish to install a shoreline dock must first obtain a licence from Niagara Parks. Applications are subject to a review and approval process.

Please review the following options in order to request a new dock, renew an existing dock licence or request approval to repair, upgrade or replace a dock:

You will first have to apply for a shoreline dock licence with Niagara Parks. You’ll need to review the Shoreline Dock Licence Terms and Conditions to determine if you are eligible, submit a new dock request application and once approved, Niagara Parks will issue a licence. To be eligible for a shoreline dock licence, at minimum, you must meet the following criteria

  • You permanently reside along the Niagara River Parkway.
  • There is at least 80 meters separation between your location and the neighbouring dock.
  • You own a watercraft.

Niagara Parks considers the above along with other criteria when reviewing new dock applications including the dock location in proximity to important environmental areas which have been identified along the shoreline.

When in doubt, please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Shoreline dock licences are temporary and expire on October 31, every year. When your licence is due to be renewed, please complete the Dock Licence Renewal form below. A new annual licence will be provided by Niagara Parks once all required documentation is received and fees are paid. Full compliance with the Shoreline Dock Licence Terms and Conditions is required to maintain the renewal.

Note: any replacement, repairs or upgrades you wish to do to your dock will require Niagara Parks approval and will be subject to the Shoreline Dock Licence Terms and Conditions. Find out more here or contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Niagara Parks approval will be required before carrying out any dock replacement, repairs or upgrades. Docks that require replacement or upgrade will be subject to the new design and environmental criteria outlined in the Shoreline Dock Licence Terms and Conditions.

When in doubt, please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Shoreline Dock Fee Schedule

Please note that these are fees for 2023 and that fees are subject to applicable taxes and an annual increase determined by the NPC, in its sole discretion.

Item Fees
Shoreline Dock Licence Fee (includes 2 boats) $248.57
Stairs Fee $129.93
First time Shoreline Dock Administrative Setup Fee $248.57
Additional Boats (per boat) $121.64
Commercial or Municipal Shoreline Docks As determined by Commission

Shoreline Dock Restricted Areas


  1. North of Smuggler’s Cove Boat Club | Area of Natural and Scientific Interest
  2. McFarland Park Area | Area of Natural and Scientific Interest
  3. Brown’s Point Area | Area of Natural and Scientific Interest
  4. Deep Hollow Area and south | Area of Natural and Scientific Interest

City of Niagara Falls

  1. Between Village of Queenston and North Service Road 30 | Dangerous Waters

Town of Fort Erie

  1. Within 400 metres (1300 ft.) of the Niagara Parks Marina | Marina Area
  2. Between Phipps Street and Lewis Street | Parkland
  3. From a point 300 metres south of Wintemute Street to the south-westerly jurisdiction (between house number 520 Lakeshore Road) | Bird Sanctuary and Parkland
  4. Gonder’s Flats
  • New Dock Request

  • Before you submit your new dock application, please review the eligibility criteria above and the Shoreline Dock Licence Terms & Conditions to determine if you are eligible for a licence. To request a new shoreline dock licence, please fill out the following form. You will be contacted by a Niagara Parks staff member upon review of your completed application form.

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    General Inquiries

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