Niagara Parks Heritage Stewardship

In 1890 Niagara Parks’ historic stewardship role was initiated, when the organization purchased and agreed to maintain Queenston Heights Park, the site of the nationally significant Brock’s Monument. In 1901, Old Fort Erie was the second site added to the heritage inventory and since then several more historic sites and attractions have been obtained, developed and maintained by Niagara Parks including McFarland House, Laura Secord Homestead, Mackenzie Printery & Newspaper Museum, Chippawa Battlefield Park and more.

These heritage sites play host to a wide variety of tours and annual events that provide the public opportunities to see the heritage sites come alive! Each August, Old Fort Erie hosts Canada’s largest annual re-enactment with the annual Siege at Fort Erie recreating the scene of the bloodiest battle ever to occur on Canadian soil while sites like Mackenzie Printery and McFarland House feature costumed staff on location, producing everything from period accurate print materials to old fashioned tea and baked goods to be enjoyed.

Niagara is one of the richest historical regions in Canada and the preservation and celebration of these remarkable sites is a responsibility Niagara Parks never takes for granted. Beyond just the flagship sites, over one hundred plaques that identify the landmarks, events and persons important to the history of the region can be found along the length of the Niagara Parkway, visitors can stop to read and study the stories relayed by these markers and memorials.