Niagara Parks Procurement Process

The Niagara Parks Commission is committed to open, fair and transparent procurement opportunities. A key element of this commitment requires that all interested bidders/proponents direct all inquiries through the procurement contact administering each opportunity.

You must address all questions and requests for clarification to NPC’s contact person. Do not contact:

  • an NPC Member of the Board, director, officer, employee, advisor, expert or representative;
  • any other proponent, prospective or otherwise; or
  • a media outlet

with respect to a proposal/tender, the RFP/Tender Documents or the procurement process, at any time during the procurement time frame. In the absence of the NPC contact person, please address all inquiries to the NPC Procurement Manager. Details related to the procurement will not be shared with any individual, outside of the specific communications protocol.

Open Bid Opportunities

Please view The Niagara Parks Commission’s current open bid opportunities for Corporate Procurement.

For Retail Procurement information, please visit this page.

Gifts from Suppliers

Thank you to all of our partners who supply us with the goods, valued advice and services, throughout the year. Your role is critical in delivering a world class experience by The Niagara Parks Commission.

As a supplier of The Niagara Parks Commission, you are asked to please adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct precludes any staff member or Commissioner of The Niagara Parks Commission from accepting gifts from our suppliers.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to conducting business with you and your team!