The Niagara Parks Strategic Plan

Back in 1885, a group of people came together to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of Niagara Falls and the Niagara River corridor. These visionaries recognized something special in the environment that they wanted to preserve. A treasure and cultural heritage they wanted to protect. This was to be a place of reflection, of beauty and of natural wonder.

While the borders of Niagara Parks may not be immediately recognizable or known, these values remain steadfast. It’s the reason the Niagara Parks Commission exists, and the values of preservation and conservation inform everything that the organization says and does.

Niagara Parks and Ontario are experiencing a period of growth and there is huge potential to enhance the rejuvenation process by making our natural and cultural heritage come alive by telling stories that set us apart.

In the Spring of 2017, the Niagara Parks Commission undertook the development of a new 10-Year Strategic Plan to lead the organization forward. During this exercise, the Niagara Parks Commissioners reviewed the current vision, mission, and values to determine if they truly reflect the Commission, its operations and the overall direction it intends to set for the future.

I would like to recognize the significant efforts of the Niagara Parks Commissioners, Moriyama & Teshima Architects, and CEO Reegan McCullough and his senior staff who unselfishly contributed a significant amount of time and expertise to developing the new Niagara Parks Strategic Plan (2018 – 2028).

Their efforts will benefit NPC’s founding principles (financial self-sufficiency and public access) by increasing revenue, increasing employment opportunities, ensuring ongoing maintenance, preserving the Niagara River corridor and the economic well-being of the region and continuing to remain as free to the public as possible.

The new Niagara Parks Strategic Plan is a blueprint that looks beyond short term considerations and at once … balances Niagara Parks’ potential by striving to achieve excellence on the world stage … with an indomitable covenant to preserving our natural, built and cultural heritage … while enhancing our quality of life and well-being by delivering phenomenal experiences.

It is a very ambitious plan and we are firmly committed to being … One of the most spectacular Parks in the world.


The values of the Niagara Parks Commission have held steadfast since its inception in 1885. Situated on the border between Canada and the United States and offering outstanding scenery and rich history, the Niagara River is managed and protected by each country’s respective legislative frameworks as well as joint operational initiatives.

The values of preservation of the unique Niagara River ecological corridor, the deep human association with the river and Falls reaching back over 12,000 years, the settlements and struggles of the people who defended Canada during the War of 1812, the birthplace of the first large-scale hydro-electricity generation, Niagara Parks becoming an internationally recognized attraction and the continuing stewardship role and its contribution as an economic engine for Ontario based on sustainable tourism – are all part of the Niagara Parks Commission’s trust being carried forward for the people of Niagara, Ontario, Canada and the World.

The Niagara Parks Commission understands the importance of developing a strategic approach, setting goals, and identifying critical success factors to achieve strategic goals.

During the Spring of 2017 a new Strategic Plan was developed as a blueprint to enhance NPC’s competitive and reputational positioning to ensure long term success by:

  • Preserving and showcasing our rich heritage, culture and lifestyle;
  • Leveraging and activating our natural wonders and iconic experiences;
  • Supporting a dynamic business environment with a focus on attracting investment, connection to local communities, job creation and economic well-being; and
  • Taking experiences, services and hospitality to the next level.