Consignment Portal

Please use the tools below to order and/or report tickets to the Niagara Parks consignment office. You will need your access code to use these tools.

Administrative Information

  1. Reseller may order tickets by filling out the electronic form, available above.
  2. Orders received prior to Tuesdays, will be processed and made available for pick up by the following Thursday. Orders received between Wednesday’s and Thursday’s will be processed and made available for pick up by the following Tuesday. Soon re-sellers may qualify for order delivery depending on established volumes, please check with your Sales Contact to confirm.

Record Keeping for Partners with Physical Inventory

  1. Reseller will pay NPC for every ticket sold by Reseller.
  2. Reseller will inspect all shipments of Consignment Tickets upon Reseller’s receipt of said tickets to ensure that the proper quantities have been delivered. To the extent known, Reseller will report any discrepancies in ticket quantities to NPC within five (5) business days of Reseller’s receipt of any Consignment Tickets. Reseller will be responsible for tickets in Reseller’s possession. Reseller will not be responsible for tickets in transit or not in Reseller’s possession.
  3. Reseller may order additional Consignment Tickets as needed.
  4. The Reseller agrees to report all Consignment Tickets sold each month within five (5) business days following the end of said month.
  5. The Reseller agrees to pay NPC for all Consignment Tickets sold during the previous month upon receipt of an invoice from NPC.
  6. Payments may be made by Reseller via cheque or money order or Credit Card. All payments by Reseller will be processed within two (2) business days of NPC’s receipt of Reseller’s monthly Consignment Ticket sales information. Cheque or money orders, should be made payable to “The Niagara Parks Commission.” Payments should be mailed to:The Niagara Parks Commission, Attention: Accounts Receivable, Box 150, 7400 Portage Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2E 6T2
  7. Reseller agrees that any balance not paid within fifteen (15) days of the Due Date will be considered an outstanding balance, provided that no part of the balance is in reasonable dispute, and subject to a 1.5% charge on said outstanding balances. Any additional Consignment Tickets ordered while an outstanding balance exists must be paid for by Reseller in cash; however, this restriction will not be applicable if any part of an outstanding balance is in reasonable dispute. If any outstanding balance is not paid within thirty (30) days of the Due Date, no additional Consignment Tickets may be ordered by Reseller; however, this restriction will not be applicable if any part of an outstanding balance is in reasonable dispute.
  8. All unsold Consignment Tickets will be returned to NPC regardless of the reason for non-sale with the final year-end payment for said tickets. The final, year-end payment shall be made no later than fifteen (15) days from the end of the Term (“Final Payment”). No credits or refunds will be issued by NPC for unsold Consignment Tickets returned after thirty (30) days of the expiry date of a product.
  9. Reseller is responsible for remitting applicable sales taxes, if any, associated with Reseller’s sale of Consignment Tickets.
  10. Reseller agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless NPC, its parent, subsidiary, related and affiliated entities, its and their officers, employees and agents from and against any and all claims, demands, and causes of action, liability and judgments, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees (collectively “Claims”) arising out of or relating to: (i) Reseller’s failure to perform its obligations in compliance with this Agreement; or (ii) any infringement by Reseller of any proprietary rights, patent, copyright or trademark. This obligation to indemnify shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement.

Promotional Images

Niagara Parks promotional images are available for your use in our public image library. The approved use of these images is limited to promotional use for Niagara Parks products, services and attractions.