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Submitting a Marketing Brief

Effective collaboration and clear communication are the cornerstones of developing successful marketing and communications materials. This form is intended to streamline the process of submitting briefs from all departments, ensuring that all key details and objectives are captured accurately and efficiently. We hope you find this helpful and welcome your input on opportunities to continually improve our process moving forward.


After submitting the brief, a copy of the submission will be sent to the main contact’s email as confirmation.

Meet the Team

Our Design Team

Leslie Lavigne

Senior Graphic Designer

Kaitie Robertson

Graphic Designer

Paulina Szyszlo

Graphic Designer

Our Content Team

Arely Spironello

Story, Copy and Content Coordinator

Mackenzie Rockbrune

Communications & Media Coordinator

Samanta Phengpacdy

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Sarah Ferguson

Corporate Communications Coordinator

Evan Bilon

Digital Content Coordinator

Nick Kuemmling

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Madison Judson

Corporate Communications Coordinator

Matthew Scott

Digital Content Coordinator

Our Management Team

Chris Giles

Senior Manager, Communications & Marketing

Meagan Schrader

Administration and Project Manager

Katy Wassenaar

Manager, Public Affairs

Marketing Brief Submission