Battle of Chippawa - Self-Guided Historical Tour

Battle of Chippawa

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The Battle of Chippawa, fought on July 5, 1814, was the opening engagement of the Niagara campaign of 1814, the longest and bloodiest military operation of the War of 1812. Retrace the events of the Battle of Chippawa in a self-guided walking tour of this preserved battlefield covering 121 hectates (300 acres).


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A War of 1812 Site

A War of 1812 Site

The Battle of Chippawa took place on the fields of Samuel Street’s farm, near the banks of the Niagara River. It began when a British, Canadian and Indigenous force of about 2,000 men, under Major-General Phineas Riall, attacked an invading American army of about 3,500 men, under Major-General Jacob Brown.

The fighting started early in the morning and lasted until nearly six o’clock in the evening. When it was over, the British were forced to withdraw and the Americans won the day. Three weeks later, however, the invaders were turned back at the bloody battle of Lundy’s Lane, fought on July 25, 1814.

Memorial Cairn

This focal point is dedicated to the regiments and First Nations warriors who fought in the Battle of Chippawa. It commemorates the peace that has prevailed between Canada and the United States since that time. The monument is constructed of dolomite limestone donated by Fort Niagara in Youngstown, New York, another key site in the War of 1812.

Memorial Cairn
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