Niagara Parks Power Station

Niagara Parks Power Station

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From the most towering turbine to the tiniest detail, uncover fascinating stories hidden within the historic Niagara Parks Power Station, our newest must-see attraction. Descend 180 feet in a glass-paneled elevator and explore the 2,200-foot long tunnel, leading to an observation deck at the river's edge.

Explore the first major power plant on the Canadian side of the Niagara River with immersive exhibits, restored artifacts and interactive storytelling. And at night, feel the once-dormant power station come to life in a breathtaking interactive experience you'll never forget.

  • Year Round
    Year Round
  • Approximate Duration (2 hr.) (varies)
    Approximate Duration (2 hr.) (varies)
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  • Self-guided Experience
    Self-guided Experience
  • Guided tours available
    Guided tours available

Inside the Power Station

This not-to-be-missed experience offers an opportunity to be part of a thrilling revival, and a chance to discover the incredible history and heritage of this celebrated building. Dive into the history of the visionaries behind it as well as the workers that kept it running for 100 years.

Harnessing the powerful energy of the Horseshoe Falls, this pioneer of hydropower comes back to life with entertaining and educational experience that highlights both the remarkable history and unique architectural features of this 115-year-old engineering marvel.

All generator hall exhibits are sponsored by:

The Science of Power

Repurposed artifacts, interactive exhibits and fascinating installations offer a first-hand look at how this hydropower pioneer harnessed the power of water to generate electricity for 100 years. You’ll “follow the flow” up close with a scale model of the plant, walk through a life-size penstock, test your hydropower knowledge at our interactive control panel, and more!

For an additional cost, add a fascinating guided tour of the main generator floor with one of our expert interpreters. Please note that the tunnel is a self-guided experience only.


Self-Guided Audio Tour

Feel history come to life with a brand-new bilingual audio tour that will take you deeper into Niagara’s incredible story of power. Uncover fascinating historical narratives from former employees, technical details and captivating stories about the evolution of the Niagara Parks Power Station!

Included with general admission, this immersive audio tour will be your knowledge companion as you journey through this astonishing feat of human engineering.

The Tesla Coil

Experience the awe-inspiring power of electricity at the Niagara Parks Power Station with our spectacular Tesla coil demonstration. This electrifying display is preformed at the end of every guided tour, illuminating the historic station with dazzling arcs of lightning.

The Tesla coil, a marvel of early 20th-century technology, demonstrates the raw and captivating force of high-voltage electricity, displaying a mesmerizing light show that dances through the air, and can even create music. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to witness the convergence of history, science, and sheer power in a truly unforgettable performance.


The Power Station's Underground Experience

Uncover a new underground experience from 180 feet beneath the halls of the Niagara Parks Power Station with the all-new tunnel experience, included with regular admission. Find out how this remarkable 2,200-foot-long tunnel was excavated with only lanterns, rudimentary dynamite, pickaxes and shovels. Then, step out onto a new observation deck at the river's edge.

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Power Station at Night

Get unprecedented access to the power station after dark with an all-new nighttime experience!

The beautifully lit grounds of the main generator hall will unveil never-before-shared details of the power station’s phenomenal history with new multimedia storytelling and flexible screenings of Currents, an epic sound and light show. Then, come face-to-face with one of the world’s most legendary natural wonders from an observation platform at the edge of the Niagara River–the illuminated Horseshoe Falls await!

The Power Station at Night experience is available daily from 7:00 until 10:00 p.m.

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    "A whitewater wonder visited by everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Mark Twain, Niagara Falls has been a magnet drawing global travelers for at least two centuries. But until this year, a huge tunnel buried deep below the cascade has been off-limits to visitors."

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    "Turbines that once harnessed the powerful energy of Niagara Falls into a great source of electricity came to a halt years ago. But the secrets deep below the power station are coming to life once again. Visitors can now explore the former cathedral of power and a tunnel that opens to a spectacular view of the falls."

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    "Canada’s first major hydroelectric power station is the newest major tourist attraction on the Canadian side of the falls. Amid a sea of commercialized activities that include zip lines, casinos and a climate-controlled SkyWheel, the Niagara Parks Power Station offers visitors a unique perspective of one of the world’s most famous natural wonders."

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    "Niagara Falls’ newest attraction, Niagara Parks Power Station, offers visitors a closer look at its historical power."

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The Full Power Station And Tunnel Experience

Experience the full Niagara Falls power story with the Niagara Parks Power Pass! This Pass includes day time admission and the all new night time experience. Gain access to the station's exhibits and travel 180 feet below in a glass-lined elevator before exploring the 2,200-foot-long tunnel leading to the river's edge. Then, return to the Power Station at Night for Currents, the sound and light show that transforms the heart of the station into an interactive event that outlines the impressive history of this cathedral of power. During the evening the Tunnel remains open allowing access to see the falls illuminated in a way that has never been seen before.

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The Power Station at Night experience is available from 7pm until 10pm each day.

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