Laura Secord Homestead

Laura Secord Homestead

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The historic Laura Secord Homestead stands in the charming village of Queenston, just off the scenic Niagara Parkway. This enchanting heritage site was the home of Canada's most famous heroine, Laura Secord, from 1803 to 1835. It was the starting point of her perilous 32-kilometre journey to warn the British of an imminent American surprise attack during the War of 1812. Despite being ransacked by invading American soldiers during the Battle of Queenston Heights, the beautifully restored home now welcomes visitors for tours highlighting stories of Secord’s brave adventures interpreted by authentically costumed guides.

Light refreshments, ice cream, Laura Secord chocolates and a selection of quality souvenirs are available for purchase at the museum.


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Canada’s Most Famous Heroine

Canada’s Most Famous Heroine

In 1813, when American forces occupied Niagara, American Captain Cyrenius Chapin planned to march 600 men to capture enemy British soldiers and advance further into Canada. Upon overhearing of the impending attack, Secord walked 32 kilometres to warn British soldiers stationed at Decew House.

It was because of Secord’s bravery that British forces, along with hundreds of Haudenosaunee and Caughnawaga warriors, defeated the Americans and took more than 500 prisoners and two field cannon. This victory prevented the American forces from coming any further into Canada.

Restored History

The lovingly restored homestead was furnished with original furniture by the Laura Secord Candy Company in 1971, and gifted to Niagara Parks in 1998. During your visit, see the room where Laura, her husband, James, and their youngest child slept, as well as the kitchen where it is believed that Laura overheard the details about the impending American attack.

Restored History
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