Niagara Parks Presents Owl Howl: An Evening of Owl Exploration

October 24, 2023

Niagara Parks

  • Experience the beauty and mystery of owls, with the Owl Howl on Friday, October 27, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture
  • Event hosted in collaboration with the Canadian Raptor Conservancy
  • Tickets available online only, for more information please visit niagaraparks.com/owlhowl

Niagara Falls, ON – Niagara Parks, in partnership with the Canadian Raptor Conservancy, will host the Owl Howl event on Friday, October 27, at 7 p.m. at the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture, offering guests a chance to learn more about the captivating world of owls.

Owl Howl is a unique opportunity to come face-to-face with live owls and delve into the fascinating and mysterious lives of these magnificent nocturnal birds of prey. Guests will be given the opportunity to listen to an engaging ‘owl talk’ led by an expert in the field and gain insights into the evolutionary adaptations that make owls the exceptional hunters they are.

Owl Howl will conclude outdoors, where guests will have the chance to practice owl calls in the wild. This owl-themed event promises an unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts, families and anyone captivated by the wonder of the animal kingdom. Admission to the event is $15 per person (children five and under are free), which includes parking at the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens. Tickets are available for purchase online only and will not be available at the door. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit niagaraparks.com/owlhowl.

Canadian Raptor Conservancy

The Canadian Raptor Conservancy is one of the largest captive breeding projects in the world. With over 200 captive-bred birds at their facility, the Conservancy regularly breeds over 15 different species each year. Many are endangered species and some of their offspring are sent back into the wild through organized release projects around the world.

The facility also cares for sick and injured birds of prey from the wild, working very closely with veterinarians to assess injuries and try to return the birds back into the wild. The Canadian Raptor Conservancy takes in over 50 birds of prey each year into its rehabilitation program.

Niagara Parks

Niagara Parks

The Niagara Parks Commission is committed to a vision of Ontario’s Niagara Parks as one that Preserves a rich heritage, Conserves natural wonders, and Inspires people world-wide. Founded in 1885, The Niagara Parks Commission is an Operational Enterprise Agency of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. Its mission is to protect the natural and cultural heritage along the Niagara River for the enjoyment of visitors while maintaining financial self-sufficiency.