Niagara Parks Undertakes Breakwall Restoration Work and Development of Shoreline Protection Strategy

September 22, 2023

Nick Kuemmling

Niagara Parks Undertakes Breakwall Restoration Work and Development of Shoreline Protection Strategy

  • Restoration work along north sections of the breakwall currently underway in Fort Erie
  • Coastal engineer engaged to design alternative shoreline protection pilot to increase long-term resiliency

Fort Erie, ON – As part of the $1.3 million budgeted for repairs to the breakwall and sections of the Niagara River Recreation Trail in Fort Erie, work is currently underway with contractor Rankin Construction to address restoration of the north sections of the breakwall (north of the Peace Bridge). Repair work will address damaged sections of the breakwall impacted by the increased frequency and intensity of recent extreme weather events.

Included in the $1.3 million budget is the engineered design of an alternative coastal shoreline protection strategy to improve the long-term resiliency of the Niagara River shoreline, reducing the economic impact of constant repairs and improving the visitor experience by ensuring these amenities remain intact.

Following an open public procurement process, Niagara Parks has engaged coastal engineering consultants WSP to conduct a review that will examine and model a number of factors such as historic and predicted extreme weather events, wave and current intensity, water level fluctuations and ice flow impacts, to design the best solution to ensure the sustainability of the shoreline and adjacent park lands.

Additionally, Niagara Parks has engaged landscape architecture firm NAK Design Strategies to review the alignment and elevation of the Niagara River Recreation Trail in this area to reduce the impacts of flooding, which has become an ongoing challenge, particularly during storm events.

As Niagara Parks works toward the development of a shoreline protection strategy, there will be public consultation opportunities for residents and guests to submit feedback.

To request more information or for any questions on this project, please contact info@niagaraparks.com.

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