Niagara Parks Working to Improve Canadian Cellular Coverage Across its Sites

October 6, 2023

Nick Kuemmling

Niagara Parks Working to Improve Canadian Cellular Coverage Across its Sites

• New telecommunications infrastructure will help solve long-standing issues with Canadian cellular coverage throughout the Niagara River corridor

Niagara Falls, ON – In alignment with the provincial mandate of improving cellular and digital service delivery across Ontario, as well as its overall goal of enhancing the guest experience, Niagara Parks is pleased to be working with a third-party infrastructure provider to increase cellular coverage for Canadians across its properties.

Following a public procurement process, Shared Tower Inc. was selected as the third-party vendor to install and operate telecommunications infrastructure at various locations across Niagara Parks properties to improve cellular coverage in key areas. A demonstrated leader in the telecommunications industry in Canada, Shared Tower will be working with Niagara Parks, as well as applicable governing land use authorities, local stakeholders, and residents to develop an implementation plan for the new infrastructure.

The implementation plan, which will include various levels of consultation conducted by Shared Tower in accordance with local and federal regulations, will encompass a combination of monopoles and small cell solutions at selected locations throughout the 56-kilometre Niagara River corridor. The monopole sites will generally range from 25 metres to 35 metres in height and typically solve network coverage issues with a radius of one to three kilometres, while small cell implementations are often located on existing street infrastructure or on shorter, slimmer poles, addressing network capacity issues in a more targeted geographic area.

Shared Tower will install and own the infrastructure and Niagara Parks will develop, manage and maintain policies around the standards and aesthetics of the towers to ensure they are minimally intrusive, while abiding by all applicable legislation and requirements.

For more information or to submit questions/feedback on this project, please contact Niagara Parks Guest Services Centre at info@niagaraparks.com.

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