Niagara Parks Introduces Changes to Pay and Display Parking Program

January 20, 2020

Niagara Parks

  • New locations added to annual all lots parking pass with new venue specific parking pass options for frequent visitors

Niagara Falls, ON – Beginning May 1, 2020, Niagara Parks will be adding additional pay and display parking locations in the core area of Queen Victoria Park, as well as other popular locations across the Niagara River corridor. Niagara Parks, an entirely self-funded organization, will invest the additional revenues back into maintaining its 56 kilometres of controlled roads and paths, 3,274 acres of parkland, green spaces, nature areas, public parks and gardens.

Pay and display parking represents one component of Niagara Parks’ overall parking and transportation program, which includes both free and paid parking options, as well as the WEGO public transportation system and Falls Incline Railway that connects guests from the Fallsview District to Table Rock Centre at the brink of the Falls.

Following the success of paid parking at the high-volume parking area at the Niagara Glen, Niagara Parks will be introducing new year-round pay and display units to manage other popular parking areas including Dufferin Islands, the Fraser Hill parkettes and the rear parking lot at the Butterfly Conservatory. Paid parking at the Niagara Glen has allowed Niagara Parks to effectively and safely manage the limited parking available at the high-traffic area, as well as prioritize investments in the site, such as the recent renovation and reopening of the Niagara Glen Nature Centre in 2017.

New seasonal pay and display units (May to October) will also be introduced at Kingsbridge Park, Rapidsview Park and Queenston Heights Park. These new pay and display parking locations will all be added to Niagara Parks’ annual all lots parking pass. Niagara Parks will also be offering new venue specific parking passes for frequent users of Dufferin Islands, Kingsbridge Park and Queenston Heights Park respectively, which can be split between two licence plate numbers (full details in chart below).

As a self-funded agency of the Government of Ontario, Niagara Parks raises its own revenues by operating its attractions, retail stores, full-service restaurants, golf courses, heritage sites and paid parking facilities. Revenues generated from Niagara Parks’ parking lots are invested back into the Park system, which will allow for much-needed repairs at sites such as Dufferin Islands, Queenston Heights Park and Kingsbridge Park, ensuring that these natural areas continue to be maintained and enjoyed by local residents and tourists alike.

Other changes to be introduced in 2020 include expanding the parking at the Niagara Parks Police loop with additional spots, as well as adding new electric charging stations at Dufferin Islands, Kingsbridge Park and Queenston Heights Park to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

Niagara Parks created its annual parking pass program to provide cost savings and convenience for local residents who are frequent visitors to Niagara Parks. All passes can be used for up to two vehicles (two licence plate numbers) to maximize cost savings and can be purchased online or obtained at each pay and display station, as well as from Niagara Parks’ Rapidsview Licencing Office and Falls Parking Lot. For more information on parking options or to purchase your annual pass online, please visit: niagaraparks.com/parking or call: (905) 356-0943.

Parking Pass Cost (Tax included)
Annual All Lots Parking Pass** $75
Annual Floral Showhouse Parking Pass $30
Annual Dufferin Islands Parking Pass $30
Annual Kingsbridge Parking Pass (May to October) $15
Annual Niagara Glen Parking Pass (May to October) $15
Annual Botanical Gardens and Butterfly Conservatory Parking Pass $15
Annual Queenston Heights Parking Pass* (May to October) $15
All Day Niagara Parks Parking Pass $30

*Parking included for guests visiting the Queenston Heights Restaurant
**Not valid for parking at Niagara Parks’ Police Administration building or limited metred parking at Oakes Garden Theatre.

Niagara Parks

Niagara Parks

The Niagara Parks Commission is committed to a vision of Ontario’s Niagara Parks as one that Preserves a rich heritage, Conserves natural wonders, and Inspires people world-wide. Founded in 1885, The Niagara Parks Commission is an Operational Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. Its mission is to protect the natural and cultural heritage along the Niagara River for the enjoyment of visitors while maintaining financial self-sufficiency.