About the
Niagara Strait Piece

“Niagara Strait” is a large-scale sculpture comprised of stainless steel walls, which mimic the sheer walls of the Niagara Gorge, creating a dramatic sense of entry to Niagara Parks’ Botanical Gardens. Inspired by the seldom seen depths of the Great Gorge, the open interior of the installation invites visitors to explore the smooth, yet rugged walls and view this artistic piece from every angle, before beginning their adventure and enjoyment of the grounds of the Botanical Gardens.

“Just as the Niagara River is a strait, a passage between two lakes, this sculpture will be a passage between two places, the world in which we live and the rare environs of the Niagara Parks Botanical Garden and Butterfly Conservatory, which we are about to enter.”

Gordon Reeve, Artist & Sculptor of “Niagara Strait”

Man standing in front of sculpture

The Artist

Former Professor of Sculpture at the University of Manitoba, Gordon Reeve has completed various other large scale public installations over his career, as well as produced a number of award-winning films on art, architecture and performance. His works are recognized for being ecologically responsible and for their ability to stand the test of time in both their design and durability of materials.

Installation & Unveiling

Installation of the piece is currently in its final stages. An official unveiling ceremony will take place at the entry plaza of the Botanical Gardens in the spring of 2019.