The Orchid Flower

The Orchid flower is beautiful and delicate, with thousands of different species, the flower represents strength and beauty. How do you take care of them? We asked our expert horticulturalists for a few tips!

All about Orchids

Phalaenopsis is the most common orchid. Also known as a ‘moth orchid’ it is easy to grow and is ideal for beginner gardeners! Found around the world, specifically in Australia and the Philippines, it’s colourful blooms come in a palette of bright, beautiful of colours including white and solid colours, striped and spotted. You’ll often discover this type of orchid at your local garden centre with large green leaves and a stem or two with several blooms. Our horticulturalists say the Phalaenopsis orchid is one of the longest blooming orchids. Its flowers can last up to six months before they drop-off naturally, and they’ll bloom up to three times a year depending on their size.


How to care for your Orchid

Here are a few tips to keep your orchid strong, healthy and magnificent.


The Phalaenopsis orchid prefers a warm, humid climate, but will perform well indoors with an average temperature between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius.


Generally, it’s best to water your plant in the morning and usually once a week. Our horticulturalists suggest soaking your orchid in water for about 20 minutes, draining any excess water before returning it to its original pot.


Bright, indirect light is ideal for a Phalaenopsis orchid. If you decide to place your orchid in a windowsill, it will perform best in an east-facing window.

Potting soil

Our growers suggest potting your orchid in a medium grade orchid bark for medium to large size orchids. If you have a small orchid, sphagnum moss works well to keep the soil moisture even.


About Niagara Parks

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