Geocaching in Niagara Parks

Geocaching is an outdoor activity that is similar to a treasure hunt. The goal of the activity is to find hidden containers, known as caches or geocaches, using a portable satellite navigation device called a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver.

Niagara Parks has a number of geocaches to find.  More information regarding different types of caches and geocaching in general can be found at Geocaching.com, and Earthcache.org.

Visitors who wish to create their own geocaches to place within Niagara Parks may download the Geocache Request package and send the completed documents using the form below.

  • Year-round
  • Self-guided Experience
    Self-guided Experience

Geocaching Features

More about Geocaching

More about Geocaching

To learn more about this exciting outdoor activity, please visit geocaching.com or earthcache.org.

Create your own Geocache

Create your own Geocache

One fascinating aspect to Geocaching is creating your own cache for others to find. To have a cache in Niagara Parks, please download our Geocache Request Kit to get started.

  • Geocache Request

  • Max. file size: 1 GB.