56 Kilometers of Iconic Parkland

Niagara Parks offers many public parks, green spaces, nature trails, viewpoints, and gardens, all along the scenic 56-kilometre Niagara Parkway.

We invite everyone to explore and enjoy these spectacular public spaces, while respecting our natural environment, so that we can all play a role in preserving these lands for generations to come.

Thank you for helping us keep our parks clean and our wildlife wild!


Designated Picnic Areas

Niagara Parks allows picnicking, including barbecuing, on its property at the following designated areas only: Kingsbridge Park, Dufferin Islands, Niagara Glen Park, Queenston Heights Park, McFarland Park.

Designated picnic areas include covered pavilions, picnic tables, public washrooms, barbecues and proper waste receptacles.

Niagara Parks offers numerous hibachi style barbecues at its picnicking locations, which are free to use but require guests to bring their own coals. If guests are planning to use a barbecue, please be sure to properly dispose of barbecue coals using the receptacles provided.

Pavilion Reservations and Permits

Reservations for covered pavilions must be made by phone with payment by credit card at the time of booking. Pavilions available for rental are located at the following parks: Queenston Heights Park, Niagara Glen Park, McFarland, Kingsbridge Park, and Old Fort Erie.

A number of picnic areas in Niagara Parks include covered pavilions for public use. Pavilions may be reserved by phone for a nominal fee from April to October between 10 a.m. and dusk.


Tents and Canopies

The use of tents and canopies are not permitted within Niagara Parks if they require any form of staking into the ground.

No shade structures of any kind are permitted within Queen Victoria Park, including Sandie Bellows Plaza (located on the north side of Niagara Parks Power Station, east of Falls Parking).

Minimize the Environmental Impact of Your Visit

Take only pictures, leave only footsteps. Please be sure to properly dispose of all trash and litter after your visit and take all belongings with you.

Niagara Parks is home to a diversity of plant and animal species, many that are unique to this area. Please do not disturb the natural environment around you when visiting Niagara Parks, including wildlife.

Feeding wildlife is not permitted on Niagara Parks property as it can lead to unusual or aggressive behaviour, overcrowding and the transmission of disease, growth disorders, malnutrition, delayed or failed migration leading to winter death, an increase in rodents and other pests and pollution that degrades water quality and affects our broader ecosystem.

There are many other ways to connect with nature that do not include feeding, such as bird watching, hiking, picnicking, ethical nature photography, forest bathing and more.