Currents: Niagara's Power Tranformed

Currents: Niagara's Power Transformed

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Experience the remarkable Niagara Parks Power Station in a whole new way with Currents, an epic sight and sound night show inside the heart of the plant.

This must-see attraction features immersive, interactive media where projected effects react to your presence. This one-of-a-kind sensory experience reawakens the machinery of this iconic power plant through imagery, colour, lights, sound, and a breathtaking musical score. Walk through this historic space and explore the incredible transformation of water to power.

Experience the Journey of Power

The beginning

Step back in time. Witness the Niagara River flow down from the walls and onto the floor around you before freezing as the Ice Age takes hold. As the earth warms again, feel the lush landscape fill once more with rivers and trees, along with a stunning new geological wonder… Niagara Falls!

Harness the power

The world’s most powerful waterfall inspired engineers and inventors hoping to harness its energy to power the industrialization of this region. This very station is the largest and most ambitious of these projects. Watch above and below you as its massive machinery lights up and comes to life for the first time, powered by the currents of the river. Then, as the years pass, the glory of the power station fades. Overtaken by new technology, it goes dormant…


While the Power Station sleeps, the Niagara River continues to flow around you. Explore and use your movement to create currents in the water that join together to build momentum and flow back into the station. As you do, electricity begins to pulse from the generator, flowing up the walls and onto the ceiling. Your presence has reawakened the building... the transformation is complete!

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Night Show Package

Night Show Package

Two all-new, must-see experiences in one! Explore the Niagara Parks Power Station by day, then return at night for Currents: Niagara's Power Transformed.


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In compliance with the latest public health measures issued by the Government of Ontario, some Niagara Parks sites, including all attractions and indoor dining facilities are closed effective January 5, 2022.

Conformément aux dernières mesures de santé publique du gouvernement de l'Ontario, certains sites de Niagara Parks, y compris toutes les attractions et les restaurants intérieurs, sont fermés à compter du 5 janvier 2022.