Floral Showhouse, Niagara Falls

Annual Chrysanthemum Show

Oranges, purples, peacehs and pinks. Check out what's on display at the Floral Showhouse during the popular Chrysanthemum Display.
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Floral Showhouse Chrysanthemum Display

It’s always paradise inside Niagara Parks’ Floral Showhouse! This year’s Chrysanthemum show features two unique colour schemes. Our center house is rich with oranges and purples, including Purple Majesty Millet and Mexican Sage that complement the Chrysanthemums creating a dramatic display. In the north house, you’ll discover the beauty of Chrysanthemums in blush peaches, pinks and white. This display is a showstopper featuring Chrysanthemums in spirals, pyramids, cascades and single-stem exhibitions.

Always in Bloom

The Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse is a lush oasis, just a short walk south from Niagara Falls and Table Rock Centre. Collections of orchids, succulents, and other tropical plant species are on display throughout the year, along with floral shows that reflect the changing seasons. With seven shows per year, something new is always in bloom.

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Changing the show

Changing the show

Each year, there are seven unique displays inside the Floral Showhouse. Each exhibit begins with a theme which is planned up to three years in advance. The theme allows the Floral Showhouse team to create a story to connect with the community and visitors.

The Niagara Parks team of horticulturalists then brings the theme to life through a selection of plants and colours. Every year the team offers something new and exciting for our guests. The Chrysanthemum spirals seen this year have been perfected over time.

Caring for Chrysanthemums

More than 1100 mums are grown to create the Annual Chrysanthemum Show. These incredibly beautiful and hardy plants offer extraordinary colour, but they can be quite challenging to cultivate.

Mums naturally bloom in the fall. Their buds are set once the length of day is less than eight hours. To ensure the mums look their best, the team of horticulture experts at Niagara Parks are vigilant, making sure the plants have constant darkness throughout the night and consistent cool temperatures.

The spectacular shapes are created using frames to support the plants as they grow. Our plant experts pinch the tips of the plant at regular intervals during the growing season; this helps to ensure they maintain a formal shape and it encourages flower buds for a breathtaking floral display.

Caring for Chrysanthemums
Where do the Chrysanthemums come from?

Where do the Chrysanthemums come from?

Chrysanthemums originate in parts of Europe and Eastern Asia. There are several species and hundreds, possibly thousands of cultivars! There are two classes; hardy and florist mums. Hardy mums are tolerant to cold climates where the florist mums are a warm season variety. The plants are inedible and even considered to be poisonous.

At Niagara Parks, we produce Chrysanthemums for the annual display by taking cuttings from our special stock, or from plants that have been provided by specialty suppliers. The colours, the variety and the unique shapes are all carefully designed and maintained by our in-house horticulture team throughout the year.

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