Immerse yourself in history and culture…

Besides being known for its natural beauty, Niagara Falls also boasts a rich and diverse history located throughout the region. With important contributions in war history, power generation history, Indigenous history, and Black history, there is so much to learn throughout Niagara Parks.  

Rediscover Niagara’s Power Generation at the Niagara Parks Power Station

One of the pioneers of hydropower, the Niagara Parks Power Station harnessed the power of water to generate electricity for 100 years. Now you can step back in time to witness the architectural and engineering marvel, learning more about the visionaries behind it, while exploring the interactive exhibits. For a more in-depth experience, guided tours are also offered to get the most out of your experience.  

Head 180-feet underground in a glass elevator to reach the tunnel, Niagara Parks’ newest experience! Explore fascinating exhibits to find out how it was remarkably excavated in 1901 with only lanterns, rudimentary dynamite, pickaxes and shovels. Where the water was once emptied from the power station, is the location of a newly constructed viewing platform, where you can experience an entirely new view of both the Horseshoe and American Falls.  


Rediscover Black history at White Water Walk

View where Harriet Tubman first crossed into Canada in 1856 at White Water Walk. White Water Walk gives you a close up view of the class 6 whirlpool rapids, some of the fastest in North America. Before heading down to the quarter mile boardwalk, learn about Tubman’s journey across the whirlpool suspension bridge at commemorative plaques located at the entrance of White Water Walk. 

Rediscover Indigenous History at Journey Behind the Falls

Geological and Indigenous history is on display at Journey Behind the Falls. Refreshed in 2023, this site is now full of interactive displays outlining the geological formation of Niagara Falls, and the Indigenous connections across Niagara.  

Once you descend 125 underground, you will get one of the most spectacular views of one of the worlds most breathtaking natural wonders. Stand at the base of Niagara Falls, listen to the roar, feel the mist, and take in the beauty of this geological wonder.  

For more Indigenous history, be sure to visit the Landscape of Nations, located in Queenston Heights Park, and visit here


Rediscover Indigenous History at Journey Behind the Falls

Laura Secord Homestead

Visit the home of Canada’s most famous heroine, at the Laura Secord Homestead. Laura Secord lived at the home from 1803 to 1835, and it was here that she began her perilous 32-kilometre journey to warn the British of an imminent American surprise attack during the War of 1812.  

Led by authentically costumed re-enactors, learn stories of Secord’s life before and after the war, in this fully restored homestead. As you travel from the parlour, to the kitchen, to the bedrooms, you will learn significant history showcasing the life of Laura Secord. 

Mackenzie Printery

500 years of printing technology can be found within the home of publisher, rebellion leader and Toronto’s first mayor, William Lyon Mackenzie. Here, some of Canada’s earliest laws were printed, including the Act Against Slavery in 1793. Come discover the rich history of printing in Canada, as a variety of fully operational printing presses are demonstrated by trained staff and volunteers. You can even learn how to operate the presses yourself, including Canada’s oldest printing press, the Louis Roy Press.  

Old Fort Erie

For the war history fans, explore what is known as Canada’s bloodiest battlefield at Old Fort Erie. Originally built in 1764, this fort was used during the American Revolution (1775-1783), the War of 1812, and a Brigade of Fenians raid base in 1866.  See historical re-enactments, hear riveting war stories, and tour the site with authentically uniformed guides.